Park Board Approves 2023 Budget, Pool Complex Invoices | WPKY 103.3 FM

The Princeton-Caldwell City-County Park Board approved the 2023 budget and invoices for the pool complex renovation project at a special called meeting Thursday.

Board Chair Kota Young said the 2023 Calendar Year budget essentially is a rehash of last year’s budget with the addition of the capital expenditures required for the renovations of the City-County Pool Complex.

click to download audioThe budget was unanimously approved.

The City-County Park Board also approved invoices for the pool complex renovation projects.

click to download audioThe invoice for the 50% payment to Aquatic Designs to start construction and for materials for the pool is $48,750, with the invoice for the 50% payment to start construction and for the splash pad equipment at $131,735.

The City-Council Park Board voted in March of last year not to open the pool for the season due to safety concerns after learning at that meeting the swimming pool’s liner had a split in the seam and it was beyond repair.

At a special called meeting in November of 2022, the board voted to start taking bids for the pool complex renovations after they heard from contractor Joshua Overly, who is also the owner of Aquatic Designs what would be required to remove and replace the swimming pool’s liner. He also provided information at that meeting about replacing the wading pool with a splash pad, which he noted was “pretty cut and dry” because it’s a new build.

Overly also said that if construction could start at the beginning of 2023 it would be ready to open for the season. The board then voted to put the project out for bid again.

During a special called meeting in December, the City-County Park Board met and approved the lone bid from Aquatic Designs to accept the bid amount of $97,500 for the swimming pool repair and the bid amount of $263,471 to replace the kiddie pool/wading pool with a splash pad.