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    Face the Music: How to Incorporate Instruments Into Your Home Design

    Each week, Mansion Global tackles a topic with an elite group of designers from around the world who work on luxury properties. This week, we discuss tips for decorating a room around a collection of musical instruments. iSet the right tone in your home.  Musical instruments can hit a tasteful high note when styled right—and you don’t need to have a Grammy to decorate with statement-making strings, brass and other musical items. While a grand piano can be an elegant anchor, it may be too formal for an everyday living room setting, designers say. Other audible additions like records, framed sheet music, hanging guitars and standalone cellos can add an…

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    4 toilets in 1 bathroom? Realtor explains viral home’s design

    (NEXSTAR) — This gracious home just outside Milwaukee features modern amenities, plenty of historical charm, and four toilets side-by-side in the same bathroom. A real-estate listing in Wisconsin has gone viral thanks to the usual layout of its largest bathroom, which includes four side-by-side toilets — with no dividers — arranged directly in front of four separate sinks. After the home hit the market, the listing began garnering a lot of attention on social media thanks to its unusual bathroom layout.(Jeff Showers of Shutter Zone Media) The house, built in 1851, didn’t originally feature four toilets in the same room. This unique addition came later, after the first owners donated the…

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    A Secret Interior Design Trick: Wallpapering a Closet

    WANT TO GIVE your décor a pop of personality that is both discrete and powerful? Take wallpaper inside your closet, a favorite interior-designer trick that’s playful, surprising and easy on the budget. You do still have to consider the context, however. When adding a motif to a room, Jewel Marlowe, a Washington, D.C., interior designer and DIYer, categorizes patterns into stripes, dots, watercolors, organic and geometric. “If my closet is in a striped room, for example, I would choose a dot, watercolor, organic or geometric with a different scale for my closet for more visual interest.” Here, some other particulars. The Appeal Closets are, surprisingly, among Jewel Marlowe’s favorite spots…

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    What Will Be Popular This Year

    I’m the founder of DBF Interiors — I’ve tracked the home-decor trends I think will be big in 2022. With many still spending more time at home, we should be making use of outdoor space and offices. People are also starting to add more fun colors and statement pieces to their homes.  Loading Something is loading. As the founder of and interior stylist at DBF Interiors, I’m always looking for the next big home-decor trends. Many of us are still based at home, which turns our living spaces into multifunctional headquarters. I have a hunch that 2022 design trends will include functionality, accessibility, and comfortability — with a dash of style…

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    Home Design for Hyper and Hyposensitivities

    Tips and ideas for designing a comfortable home for children with sensory processing challenges. Autistic children may experience hypo- or hypersensitivities which profoundly impact their sensory perception. As a result, they may interact with their physical environment in distinctly different ways than neurotypical children. It’s also fair to say that no two autistic kids are alike. However, designing with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) sensitivities in mind may create a more calming, helpful, and synergetic space.  Defining needs The first part of designing your home is understanding what a particular room is meant to do. You, as the parent, will already know the answer to this question. For example, a child’s…

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    Top 8 home design trends for 2022

    Our homes are increasingly evolving into places of refuge as the challenges of the ongoing pandemic and changing demographics push design innovation. Homeowners want soothing natural/organic styles, “cleaner” kitchens and baths, flexible work/living spaces, colors inspired by nature and accommodations for year-round outdoor entertaining. Baby boomers are remodeling to realign an empty nest with new interests, or to better age in place. And more millennials are becoming homeowners, with many seeking a lighter, sleeker style with a high level of function integrated into that style, whether from high-quality space design or by integrating technology. “Stresses from the outside world are driving homeowners to create more tranquil spaces at home,” says…

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