VOGO and Myrtha Pools Sign a Partnership To Deploy a Connected Pool Solution

Courtesy of Myrtha Pools USA, a SwimSwam partner.

VOGO and Myrtha Pools, the world’s leading swimming pool builder, today announce the signing of a partnership for the deployment of a connected pool offer. The aim of this collaboration is to equip Myrtha pools with a turnkey video recording and broadcasting solution. This solution is directly embedded in the white stainless steel pools built by Myrtha Pools, allowing operators to enhance their service offering to users.

Alain Bernard, 2008 Olympic swimming champion, is the driving force behind the partnership

The swimmer and consultant was behind the meeting between Myrtha Pools and VOGO, as part of the renovation of the equipment at the Cercle des Nageurs d’Antibes, a reference centre for high-level athletes. This meeting quickly led to the broader discussions that gave rise to the partnership for the French market: the opportunity to incorporate video technology into pools for advanced applications across all aquatic disciplines, whether for amateurs or professionals.

Myrtha Pools, an international leader in the field of competition, training and recreational pools

Myrtha Pools is a division of A&T Europe S.p.A. Group, international leader in the swimming pool market, located in Lombardy (Italy). Since it was founded in 1961, Myrtha Pools has built pools in more than 70 countries and delivered more than 300 projects in France.  Its exclusive technologies are selected for international competitions, including the Olympic Games and the World Swimming Championships. Myrtha Pools has been a partner of the Fédération Française de Natation and FINA since 2009.

The company has 350 employees and over 300 distributors in Italy and abroad. It produces and installs around 1,500 swimming pools per year, including more than 300 public pools.

Specialised in white stainless steel pools, the Myrtha Pools division works on all types of pools, whether they are for competition, training, recreation or wellness. It operates in all sectors: public or private pools, water parks, hotels, fitness or wellness centres, as well as major sporting events.

The era of digital swimming pools

Myrtha Pools’ strategy is to develop its business as a manufacturer of swimming pools by adding an extended range of services for aquatic centre operators. In this context, the partnership between Myrtha Pools and VOGO is based on the combination of two types of expertise: the development of innovative video solutions designed for the world of sports, on the VOGO side, and the knowledge of the global market of aquatic equipment and infrastructures, on the Myrtha Pools side.

This partnership – for the French market, one of the most relevant for the swimming pool sector – is based on a joint offer that incorporates a live & replay video recording and broadcasting solution in pools manufactured by Myrtha Pools.

The principle is simple: to equip pools with underwater and above-water cameras linked with terminals for viewing live video streams in order to provide a turnkey video service for pool users and managers.

There are multiple applications for this solution:

  • Improved performance for elite swimmers;
  • Swimming lessons in a school or association setting;
  • Monetisation of aquatic competitions that are not usually covered by the mainstream media, such as races, water polo, synchronised swimming, etc.;
  • New video services for users of sports or recreational pools (examples: Reathletisation, Aquagym Replay, etc.).

A win-win partnership with great potential 

For Myrtha Pools, the incorporation of VOGO solutions is a decisive commercial advantage in its strategy to digitalise competition, training and recreational pools.

For VOGO, this alliance gives it access to new markets and demonstrates once again the potential of its technologies in the world of sports, with considerable markets still to be conquered.

Finally, for the operators, the deployment of the solution will attract visitors to their facilities and offer new sources of monetisation. These are decisive and measurable benefits that should lead to rapid commercial success for Myrtha Pools and VOGO.

Advanced discussions are already underway with major signings announced in the coming months.


Founded in 1961 in Italy, Myrtha Pools is dedicated to the design, construction and installation of white stainless steel pools. With 60 years of expertise, the company exports to over 70 countries. The company – thanks to a constant commitment to research into the most advanced technologies and its exclusive patents – has given an innovative boost to the swimming pool market. Myrtha represents the ideal solution to the many limitations of traditional reinforced concrete structures and ordinary prefabricated swimming pools. Its modular white stainless-steel panels enable improved sustainability while it guarantees better performance and long-life cycle. FINA Partner since 2009, with 5 participations in the Olympics Games and 150 world records registered in a Myrtha pool, the company has become the benchmark for competition pools. 

About VOGO:

In the Sports sector, VOGO is a leading international player, with its audio-visual live & replay solutions for fans and professionals alike. For professionals, VOGO offers analysis and decisionmaking tools (referee assistance, medical diagnostics, coaching). VOGO’s disruptive solution for fans transforms the stadium experience by providing multi-camera content on demand for tablets and smartphones, no matter how many people are connected. VOGO also operates in the Industry and Healthcare sectors. All of the Group’s technologies are patent-protected. VOGO is located in France (Montpellier, Grenoble and Paris) and has two subsidiaries in North America and the United Kingdom. It operates indirectly in other countries through its network of around thirty distributors. VOGO has been listed on the Euronext Growth Paris stock market since November 2018 (ISIN code: FR0011532225 – ALVGO).
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