Difference Between Renovation and Remodeling

When planning major improvements or upgrades to your house, it is possible that you have come across the words ‘remodeling’ or ‘renovation.’ Both words are usually used interchangeably, but it is best to know the correct terminologies when you are planning a major home upgrade before you talk to your contractor. Renovating and remodeling will both help with your home upgrading project but the two words differ in meanings. This is mostly due to their set of considerations and benefits.

Renovation mostly consists of updating the general look of a room or house without changing its general appearance. This means that if you renovate a kitchen, for example, it still remains a kitchen in its space even after repairing and updating it. Things such as putting new flooring or changing cabinets and doorknobs all remain in place during a renovation. Renovating a house may also include rebuilding a structure or room.

A home remodels, however, refers to altering the design of a room or building structure. It involves changing an area’s functionality or its general design. It could also involve the demolishing of walls to expand a room or redoing the layout of the kitchen. This is generally common when constructing an additional room for more floor space. Remodeling does not always pertain to changing a built structure or room. However, the reasons for doing this could be a simple task like joining your living room and kitchen to create an open layout for your home.

Remodels are often more expensive than renovations because they involve changing the physical outlook of a room or building structure. Hiring reputable home builders or contractors like Eco Minded Solutions to oversee your remodeling project could save you money and the headache associated with remodeling. In remodeling, there is a need to redo all the wiring and plumbing work which can make the project much harder and more costly. You will also need the services of professional laborers and the cost of materials is usually high too. The reason it is expensive is that remodeling typically means building new structures. Even if the cost of performing a remodeling depends on the type of project and material qualities, it is still better to choose renovation as they are much less complex than remodeling. They are also cheaper compared to remodeling.

The purpose of building permits is to ensure that building codes and rules are followed. Various communities and states set their own codes, but it is important to acquire a permit any time you renovate or remodel. However, you do not need to acquire permits when doing simple tasks such as painting or laying down new carpeting, you do not need to acquire licensing. Replacing or remodeling a roof structure usually falls in the renovation or remodeling category. Reroofing a roof structure has its own category since it does not technically mean the putting up of a new roof. It mostly just pertains to fixing leaking roofs, but you still need to acquire a license for it.