Packing big design in tiny homes

Writer Mike Goldys poses in front of Maryann O’Keeffe’s boathouse in Charlotte, N.C. It was the 11th property on his tiny home tour.

In the age of COVID-19, my dreams of international adventures were put on hold, but my escapes were not halted altogether. I planned safe and socially distanced road trips, but with a twist: tiny travel.

In October 2020, I embarked on an ongoing “tiny home tour” around the country and world. To date, my collection consists of 25 domestic and one international stay.

As a self-proclaimed minimalist, I travel light, even to far-flung destinations. The idea of a small, well-planned and efficient living space that a tiny home can provide just makes sense.

But not all tiny homes are created and constructed equally. Some people might assume beautifying a miniscule home requires minimum effort, but owners and interior designers would beg to differ. Here, several Airbnb superhosts (a label given to the top-rated and most experienced hosts) and home design stylists share their thoughts and inspiration for making the most of a small situation.

Design details

After sleeping in 26 of them, one thing is for certain: No two tiny homes are designed alike. As a short-term renter, I get to experience a new emotion influenced by the environment created by each tiny house host. Many factors must be taken into consideration, from construction materials to décor.