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Project Description

• How form and function interact
The final form, in addition to combining with the natural conditions of the Dubai coastline, has created different zones in the Sea House, which accommodate its different uses and parts. The volume of this villa consists of three areas; Arenas that slowly rise from the ground and move on three different axes. In general, the villa has three public, private, and service zones, and each of these three areas is dedicated to one of the zones.
The northern volume, which is the main facade of the villa, includes its public uses. Cinema, bar, and game room are located in the basement, and the living room and dining room are located on the first floor. The tall and wide windows that rotate with the rotation of the walls provide a wide view of the beach and the sea. Also, the design of the green roof on this volume maximized the view of the sea. The other two zones are located in the southern part. One of these zones is dedicated to private uses and includes bedrooms, study rooms, and TV rooms. In the service zone, there is also a kitchen, a swimming pool, a gym, and a crew bedroom. The organic and fluid form of the volume is also reflected in the interior space and the interior spaces flow inside each other while maintaining the individuality and independence of each part. Also, the design of wide windows that face the sea like the eyes of this modern villa has made all three volumes of the building have a complete view of the beach and the sea.
In the way of arranging and zoning the spaces, many details have been considered so that different parts have good access to each other and the service zone can serve other zones. In general, all the standards used in the design of this villa are based on the presence of a person with a physical disability among the family members. For this purpose, a special bedroom has been designed in the private zone of the villa on the ground floor, and several ramps have been designed for moving with wheelchairs from the beginning of entering the villa yard to moving at different height levels until reaching the entrance.

• Interior design of the Sea House
The predominance of white color both in the outer shell and in the interior spaces of Sea House has given the building a calm and dignified state. The circulation of the interior keeps the eye moving between different parts. No wall will block this view and at the same time, the privacy of any space has not been lost. Due to the presence of many windows, the residents of the villa will witness the sunrise and sunset on the beach, and whenever they open these windows, a cool breeze will pass over the three water pools, one in front of the main facade and the other two in between. The volumes are located, they will bring pleasant air into the interior.
Sea breeze blowing through the walls of the villa
At the highest level of the villa, the walls are slightly raised and form a semi-enclosed space on the roof. The difference in the height of the volumes and their gentle slope creates different views from the roof toward the sea. The breeze that moves from the seaside to the coast enters the roof from the western opening between the volumes and then circulates in this space and exits from the two eastern openings. The rotating movement of the shell of this villa also looks as if the volume mass is slowly moving back and forth with the flow of the breeze, like the waves of the sea, and is not static.
The design of Sea House as a modern villa architecture in Dubai emphasizes increasing the quality of family life. In every space of this villa, creating the quality of space for a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai city has been the priority of the design, and what better solution could there be than using the natural features of the site to reach the final answer to the problem. be
Imagine that you take refuge on the Persian Gulf coast from among the skyscrapers and large-scale buildings of Dubai, the noise of people and their crowds participating in an exhibition or a world event, and silence among the walls of Sea House. and you hug nature and sit looking at the sea; This is exactly the goal that the architects of this modern villa had in mind from the beginning of the design and based their design lines on it.