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A living room is the gateway to the house and it’s not only a place where you can chill and relax when you aren’t in the bedroom, but it’s also where we entertain guests. So how our living room looks is very important for that first impression we create on others. In an urbanised world, many of us are living in apartments with space constraints. If your living room is small, you have to play smart when you decorate it – it should look smart, busy, and yet not cramped. There are some hacks that one follows.

5 ideas for a small living room

Here are five easy hacks to make your living room appear bigger:

Use a big rug

Yes, you read that right. If your living room is small, the rug or carpet should be large. Big carpets give the impression that the room is larger by a few square metres. Small rugs, on the other hand, have that shrinking effect as they divide the room into sections. Make sure that the carpet is big enough so that furniture items like couches, chairs, and coffee tables are on the carpet.

Keep the room bright

It’s of course best if sunlight streams in naturally through your living room’s windows or the glass French doors, which are now staple in most modern high rises in India. However, if the natural lighting isn’t adequate, identify the light source, and place a decorative mirror near that. Mirrors are the magic hacks that make a room brighter instantly, so place one near a lamp or a window.

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Low-rise furniture or higher ceilings

While you can’t change the construction of your house, the way you hang your curtains can add height to the ceiling. Hang your curtains near the ceiling, that will add height to the room. Low-rise furniture is also a good option, they make the room look spacious.

Wall-mounted shelves

If you cramp an already small living room with more furniture, it will look even smaller. While you can’t do away with the essentials – like sofas/couches and coffee tables – instead of showcases or cabinets, you can go for the space-saving wall shelves. 

Lighter wall colours with one accent wall

We all know that lighter colours make a room look larger and this applies here too. Pastels and neutral shades will reflect light and make the room appear bigger. If you opt for wallpapers, again keep the shade light. Make sure the patterns aren’t too loud. To make the room stand out, have one accent wall which can be darker than the rest of the walls. The tallest wall should be the accent wall.  


(Disclaimer: The article is based on general information and is not a substitute for an expert’s advice.)