Placement: Where to Keep Your Stand Mixer, Blender, and Other


Countertop appliances like stand mixers, blenders, and food processors are kitchen workhorses. But their bulky nature can pose a problem, eating up space and making your kitchen feel cluttered. Finding the perfect homes for these frequently used appliances maximizes your countertop workspace and helps your kitchen flow smoothly. Let’s explore strategic placement options for your key kitchen tools.

1. Stand Mixer Storage: Accessibility vs. Visibility

Stand mixers are heavy and a tad awkward to move, but frequent bakers want them handy. If you use it daily, a dedicated spot on your countertop might be best. For less frequent use, consider an appliance lift in a lower cabinet, or a roll-out shelf that can tuck away when not in use.

2. Blender Best Practices: Daily Use or Occasional Treat?

Do smoothies or blended soups grace your menu every day? If so, your blender likely earns countertop real estate. For more occasional use, store it in an easily accessible upper or lower cabinet, where it’s out of sight but still within reach.

3. Food Processor Placement: Versatility Changes Things

Bulky food processors can be a challenge to store. If you use them frequently for various tasks, consider finding a permanent place on a less-used stretch of countertop. If it’s more of a special-occasion appliance, an upper or lower cabinet is a better choice.

4. The Toaster Dilemma: Out or Away?

Toasters tend to be permanent countertop residents. If you use yours daily, keeping it out makes sense. If not, find a cabinet with easy access or consider tucking it into a deep pantry shelf with an outlet nearby.

5. Specialty Appliances: Prioritize by Usage

Waffle irons, panini presses, air fryers, etc., deserve a spot based on use. Infrequently used items are best stored out of sight. For those heavily used, consider if there’s less-prime countertop space they can occupy permanently.

6. Creative Solutions: Appliance Garages & Drawers

Appliance garages, those tambour-style roll-top cabinets, are great for hiding countertop clutter. Deep drawers can be outfitted with outlets within, turning them into discreet charging and storage stations for handheld appliances.

7. The Pantry as Appliance Central

If you have a spacious pantry, consider converting a shelf into an appliance zone. Install an outlet within and store less frequently used appliances there, keeping your countertops clear and maximizing cabinet space.


Finding the ideal placement for your kitchen appliances boils down to a balance of usage and space. Prioritize accessibility for heavily used items, while tucking away those used less often. Clever storage solutions and creative use of pantry space help create a clutter-free, efficient kitchen setup.

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