Most common Christmas decor mistake that ‘makes rooms appear smaller’ is ‘a no-go’

An interior expert from Unbeatable Blinds explained that in terms of Christmas trees, “the go-to is getting the biggest tree possible, however, this can take up too much space” and opting for a smaller tree “can create more space and can still become the focus of your room”. If smaller trees are a no-go, then “half-trees may be an option” as they are a “full-size tree that has been cut down the middle so it can be pushed flat against a wall,” they said.

On top of that, half-trees take up half the space of a regular tree and most people cannot see the decorations on the back of a tree anyway, the experts explained. The interior designers also suggested using mirrors around the house as they “are a great way to make a room seem bigger than they are”.

“If your room has a mirror, you can make it more festive by placing a garland beneath or around the mirror,” they recommended.

It is also key to take advantage of vertical spaces by hanging ornaments, tinsel, homemade snowflakes or garlands from the ceiling. “This can add some dimension whilst opening floor space,” they explained.

Old or new home decorations can be embellished with lights. The experts suggested battery-operated lights with a natural warm colour as “a great upgrade to any decoration”. They can make things more festive, “but also lighter and warmer colours are great for making a room appear more open and airier”.

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According to the experts, darker colours can absorb light and can “make rooms appear smaller”, whereas lighter colours can be reflective and can “make an area seem open and airy”. Therefore, when choosing decorations, people should be focusing primarily on warm, light and bright colours and tones.

A common mistake is to bring out all the Christmas decorations and place them everywhere. “Though this can be very festive, it can be very overwhelming and give the appearance of clutter,” the interior experts explained.

Instead, the best thing to do is to scatter the decorations in different rooms of the home. “Rather than a clustered room, this scattered approach creates a more open and airy space that still has a festive touch,” they said.

Finally, mixing too many colours in one room of the house will not work and can become an eyesore. “If you want to have a rainbow aesthetic, you can pick different themes for each room. However, if you want to do a selection of colours, pick between one to three colours per room,” they recommended.



Use both silver and gold: It’s the most important rule of Christmas decorating. Pick one or the other to avoid confusion and stick to it. Reds and silvers match a modern design, while reds and golds are preferred for a traditional style.

Make small clusters on the tree: If you’re going for the bigger is a better option, make big clusters involving five to six baubles with one big one instead of three close together. This will prevent the tree from looking like a mess but instead more well-designed.

Use every colour of the rainbow: Don’t throw in all the warm and cool tones into the hat otherwise you’ll be left with a mismatched theme throughout the house. If you want to use more colours, pick a different theme for each room.

Buy a new rug: Winter rugs can make the living room look even busier during the season. It’s also not a great idea for Christmas decor, as it’s potentially a trip hazard while surrounded by lights and candles.

Use bright tinsel: Avoid brightly coloured tinsel of reds and greens to avoid tackiness, instead, subtlety is key. If you’re going for a frosty theme, then match it up with silver tinsel.

Buy a whole new decorating set: While you may want to rush and buy a whole new range of items, make the most of existing decorations which you may have in the attic. DIY ornaments always come back into fashion every few years.

Go overboard: Going all out is hard not to do during the excitement of Christmas, but simplicity is essential to a stylish home. When you decorate make sure not to transform every piece of furniture, or you’ll be left with a messy home for the season.

Leave the decor up too long: Once the festivities are all over, make sure not to keep them up for too long. It’s traditionally advised to take them down 12 days after Christmas as folk tales say it can lead to bad luck.