‘Looking forward to seeing this perform’

Rain gardens have exploded in popularity in recent years among both homeowners and businesses as people realize their numerous benefits.

One landscaper got asked to install one at a church and posted the results for all to admire in the r/NativePlantGardening subreddit.

A video of the finished project revealed a beautiful rain garden next to the children’s playground complete with several varieties of plants, river rocks, and boulders carved into a narrow section of soil to help funnel and absorb excess rainwater.

“Procured some local glaciated boulders and native plants for this past week’s install. Looking forward to seeing this perform with the next rainfall,” the Reddit user captioned the video.

Native plant lawns like rain gardens offer plenty of awesome benefits for people, animals, and the environment. Because rain gardens are planted in the lowest part of a yard or public space, they naturally collect rainwater and prevent flooding. There, native plants with deep root systems help soak up the water while also filtering out pollutants like fertilizers and pesticides.

This helps keep harmful chemicals out of storm drains and waterways that normally run off of roads and roofs. Rain gardens also recharge local aquifers with naturally purified water and give pollinators a habitat and source of food, turning backyards into a slice of paradise teeming with life.

Not to mention, rain gardens with native plants require very little maintenance since they’re adapted to the environment, helping you save time and money on fertilizers and water bills.

Redditors were impressed by the landscaper’s handiwork, and one even offered a suggestion to improve it.

“Maybe consider a low fence on the playground edge to keep kids from running through the garden, otherwise it looks awesome,” one user commented.

“Concept conceived and conveyed to the church. They weren’t concerned. However, I did install a plethora of shrubs that will make access to the rain garden difficult in time, while creating a barrier so that people can’t just find themselves in the rain garden all of a sudden. I also installed a crossing point with boulders through the garden to funnel the kiddos through a particular area,” the OP replied.

“Omg this is beautiful,” another Redditor gushed.

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