Landscaping with evergreens: 9 ways to use in garden design

There are myriad options for landscaping with evergreens within your garden design. Whether providing year-round lush foliage, seasonal color from flowers and berries, privacy for a corner of your outdoor retreat, or vitality and structure to see your backyard through the coldest months, these hardworking members of the planting palette should be a key element of your garden ideas.

Often low maintenance and resilient additions that will grace your garden for decades, evergreen shrubs are among the most versatile plants, which can either take center stage as dramatic focal points in the garden, or offer a complementary backdrop to seasonal blooms. 

Experts share their advice on ways to make the best use of evergreens when you are deciding how to plan a garden.

box balls planted in a gravel area in courtyard garden

(Image credit: Harriet Farlam / Farlam & Chandler)

Landscaping with evergreens