Is David Visentin From ‘Love It or List It’ an Actual Real Estate Agent?

Fans of Love It or List It on HGTV know David Visentin on screen as the ever-optimistic real estate agent who goes the extra mile to find the perfect new home for his clients (however annoying that may be to his co-host, designer Hilary Farr). His portrayal is convincing. Yet, skeptical viewers may wonder, is David is an actual real estate agent in real life?

Yes, he is. And it turns out there’s a heartwarming family story behind his career choice.

real estate agent david visentin with hgtv love it or list it cohost hilary farr


Based in Ontario, David has been a practicing real estate agent since 1987, but he began working in real estate alongside his father, Nick, even earlier. According to Visentin Real Estate’s website, all four Visentin siblings were helping with the family business—taking on such tasks as answering phones and booking showings—by 1982. David was born in 1965, which means he was a teen when he started learning the ropes.

Recently, David shared a sweet throwback photo of his dad on Instagram, writing “My dad, Nick, in the 70’s at work. Check out how many phones are on the desk! And even more importantly, let’s look at that snazzy tie!⁠”

So where is David’s dad now? Enjoying the retired life, according to Visentin Real Estate’s website, while his adult children continue to grow the business he started. David and his brother Paolo have a “country living” focus (i.e., land, farm, and cottage listings in three Ontario counties), while sister Bonnie focuses on city properties in Toronto.

So, there you have it. David is a real estate agent in real life and on TV. Still, there are other behind-the-scenes facts about the series that may surprise you, like the Love It or List It rules people have to follow if they want to be featured on the show.

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