How to Decorate a Bedroom to Look Grown-Up

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Most of us decorate our bedrooms one piece at a time. We pick up a bargain here, add a family heirloom there, and before we know it, the bedroom is filled with wonderful things that don’t really work with one another. Sound familiar? It’s a common issue, and if you’re looking to streamline your room and make it all match, it’s actually not that tricky.

The first step, of course, is to rid your room of anything you don’t use or truly love. From there, it’s a matter of bringing in complementary colors and textures that coexist harmoniously. For instance, if your rug has warm brown tones and your curtains are bright blue, that could clash — but swap the rug or the curtains, and suddenly the room comes together. Same goes for decorating: when it’s time to add a lamp or plants, work with the dominant materials of major items like furniture. You can do a room revamp all at once or slowly over time, but when it’s done, you’ll feel like you’ve finally made it.

Read on to see how we’ve styled a sample room, and learn the thought process behind it.