How do you design a kitchen that’s better to cook in?

How do you design a kitchen that’s better to cook in? When planning a high-functioning kitchen that allows you to unleash your inner chef, it’s all about design that prioritizes efficiency. ‘Kitchens are about togetherness, gathering with family and friends, and enjoying a well-cooked meal,’ says John Lum, AIA, founding principal at John Lum Architecture. ‘The best kitchens to cook in are those that maximize its utility with a welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy.’ 

When it comes to striking this balance, think about the big ticket items that you need to consider, how all the zones work together and what you can do to make your life easier in the long run. ‘Try to imagine yourself and the list of tasks you wish to achieve in your kitchen at the design stage before you start any remodelling or construction works,’ recommends designer, Benji Lewis. Read on for our ideas on creating a kitchen that’s better to cook in.

Oonagh Turner

Oonagh is an interiors writer and editor. For this story, she spoke to the kitchen experts in her contacts book to find out just how to design a kitchen that prioritizes cooking. 

How do you design a kitchen that’s better to cook in?

1. Maximize countertop space

A kitchen peninsula made of contrasting material to the rest of the kitchen

(Image credit: Julian Abrams. Design: Patalab)

First and foremost, a sure-fire way to design a kitchen that’s better for cooking in is to maximize your countertop and kitchen worktops. A home chef needs space to prep, and greater space allows you to have more creativity in the space. Even in a small kitchen, countertops are a cook’s non-negotiable. From kitchen islands that double up as social spaces and prep zones, to clever kitchen peninsulas that jut out the side of a wall for extra countertop space, if you can give yourself as much countertop as possible, your kitchen is off to a good start.