Have No Idea of How To Decor Your Bedroom? Here Are 12 Aesthetics That You Can Be Inspired From

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Have you ever woke up on a Saturday morning thinking it is time to change your room? No? Okay, how about laying on your bed one afternoon and deciding your room could use a change?

Maybe you’re looking for a new environment vibe or, if you’re like me, just like to move things around because you are always seeking something new. In any of these cases, there’s always a doubt that comes along: “What am I going to do?”. The evil of indecision… Well, don’t worry! If you are having trouble finding a decoration for your bedroom, here are 12 aesthetic ideas to help you get inspired.

1. Travel lovers

As a travel lover in the flesh, I can say that this one is my favorite! Imagine getting home after a busy day, jumping in your bed and when you look up you see all those continents, countries, cities… A whole world for you to explore, right there close to you.

And you can pull this decoration off in so many ways, like bedroom wallpaper (on lateral walls or on the ceiling), map frame, map painting, etc.

2. Movie and Music Buffs

I also love this one! I mean, using a projector to watch your favorite movie in the comfort of your room and having right there, in the same space, a chocolate shelf to eat your favorite candy while watching the film? A dream come true!

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a chocolate shelf. You can put your DVDs, CDs, or even books (I would put chocolate because I’m a self-declared chocoholic…). Plus, putting up posters of your most loved films, singers, shows, and bands are ALWAYS an option. Oh, and the best part is that you can use your favorite movie scenery as an additional inspiration to set up your room decoration.

3. Photograph Buffs

I know it will sound repetitive, but… I love this one too! XD

This decoration idea is perfect for people who like to collect and register moments and memories. You can choose the pictures you like the best and arrange them creatively on your wall, along with a frame.

If you like, you can also put up drawings, lights, or paintings. I’ve seen posts where people did this in a shape of a heart, so cute!

4. Lights

This is definitely the one you can use your creativity the most. That is because lights can go almost anywhere! And I’m not talking about only LED Lights, but also different types of light fixtures.

The amazing part of using lights to decorate your bedroom is that you can set the mood of your room, the ambiance, and the vibe – fantasy, romantic, happy, dark, sexy. Lights are very versatile.

The greatest ideas of light use, for me, are the ones under the bed, behind mirrors, and, especially, creating a thundercloud ceiling.

5. Astrology

Are you a fan of star signs of the universe in general? So this idea is for you! Painting or wallpaper, you choose! Stars or planets or both!

You can also try filling the ceiling with stars and putting a sun fan or a moon lamp or any other format of your choice! The sky is the limit, literally.

6. Nature

This one is perfect for those nature lovers!

It’s always good to have some plants in the bedroom because it helps to improve the air in the room, eliminating possible toxins created by the city or by furniture dust. It can also elevate the sensation of tranquillity and calmness. It can be a helper for people with anxiety.

7. Monochrome (or almost)

Letting your room all in one colour is a choice, too! Except all white, because it might feel like you’re in a hospital…

You can choose your favorite colour and voilà! The only problem is that’s a chance of you getting bored by the monochromatic theme you chose… But you can always change again – or at least leave some elements of a different colour in the room. But be careful, if you leave too many, it won’t be a monochromatic bedroom).

8. Colorful

In the other hand, we have a colourful decoration! It helps to cheer people up, it’s happy and joyful, full of life.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven… you can choose how many colours you like and incorporate nature decorations in this playful environment.

9. Wood

“How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” Well, that’s easy: a woodchuck would chuck as much wood as you need to decorate your room with wooden furniture!

The possibilities are unlimited, from the support to your bed, to a shelf for your shoes. You can create a paradise for woodpeckers!

10. Floating Objects

I think this one is a savage choice. Why? Because it defies gravity! How bold!

If you want to play with Newton’s rules, now it’s the time – and the perfect place. You can also use wood as a floating support for your bed. Would you have the courage to try this bedroom decoration?

11. Mirrors and Doors

Mirrors and doors are very important. Doors are the way in, and out, of your private place called the bedroom. It’s a path to your most intimate physical, not-corporal space. It’s a glance at what people will find inside your room. So it should be special and show your personality.

Mirrors are an important object too. That’s because they highlight your beauty s2. Get crazy and choose the door and the mirror that best fits you!

12. Shelves

Want to innovate, don’t have much money to spend, and are full of objects that you don’t use? I might have a solution to all of these problems!

Give your shelf some personality! You can turn an old instrument, or an old object in general, into a very creative shelf, you just have to look at it from a different perspective.

BONUS: Secret Passages

For Halloween, I choose as the last topic, number 13, mysterious and secretive passages.

Have you ever thought of turning your bathroom, your bedroom, or even your wardrobe door into a door that does not look like a door? Secret paths are a-w-e-s-o-m-e. That’s a thought for your day.

Pretty creative ideas, aren’t they? You can also try mixing them all into one big transformation. Photographs with a mirror, mirror with lights, posters and lights, maps and photos, and many others. Cool, right?

But don’t forget: your decorating will always depend on what resources you have, the resources you are able to get and how big or small is your room. Also, here goes a friendly tip: invest on DIY! There are so many creative tutorials for you to use when choosing a new decoration – creative and beautiful!

Now, you have the knife and the cheese in your hands, what are you waiting to cut a slice and eat? (unless you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, then just change the cheese for a… strawberry in this metaphor! The saying works the same!) 😉


The article above was edited by Júlia Pupo Mucha Fagá.

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