Decorate Your Home Like Regina George’s Bedroom From Mean Girls

In Regina’s bedroom, she has pink valances on top of her windows. Per Nicole Draperies, window valances play an essential role in home decor. Valances hide unsightly architectural flaws and make rooms appear more organized and aesthetically pleasing. They also offer privacy, add softness, and hide unbecoming hardware parts.

Interior designer Penny Morrison told Homes & Gardens, “For me, window valances exude luxury and they are an extra attention to detail and give a very finished feel. Valances add a sense of height and can balance particularly tall windows. Equally, they are a neat way to hide the tracks on which curtains are hung as well as any blinds set behind. The proportion of a valance is key, you do not want them so narrow that they look mean, neither too wide that they look heavy or block too much light. Shaped valances and fringe trims are the real icing on the cake!” You can add these sophisticated window treatments to your home by playing with different fits, fabrics, and designs. Aim to stay with minimal patterns to appeal to tie everything together, and keep the look effortless. If you want to go full Regina mode, add these ECLIPSE Scalloped Window Valance Curtains from Amazon to a living room or bedroom window.