DECO calls for swimming pools regulation

A bill has
been approved by Parliament suggesting the regulation and supervision of
swimming pools integrated in tourist resorts, local accommodation and also
private swimming pools.

than a year ago, DECO alerted policymakers to the legislative gaps in this area
and the need for a legal framework, which is very important as the number of
cases of children drowning in pools is increasing,” DECO pointed.

there is only specific legislation and regulations for sports pools and water
parks, particularly with regard to licensing, construction techniques and

swimming pools in tourist resorts, the current law is not clear. In fact, there
are only obligations regarding rescue and surveillance facilities, DECO said.

The bill
that under this legislation was supposed to establish inspections of this type
of aquatic spaces, as well as the regime of administrative offences involving
this matter, were never published.

In relation
to swimming pools installed in local accommodation, the legal regime of these
tourist spaces does not provide for this, likewise to what happens in relation
to private swimming pools. Despite the legislative gap, DECO warns that the
same concerns are raised in relation to these pools, with the necessary

these legal gaps, entities such as the Portuguese Institute for Quality, the
Directorate-General for Health or the Portuguese Association of Swimming Pool
Professionals have already issued several recommendations for the design and
construction of swimming pools and for their safe operation. However, these
procedures are not yet mandatory.

“It is
with great concern that DECO sees this legal gap,” they said, especially
as this new law is only a recommendation. Although it meets DECO’s concerns and
demands regarding the protection of consumer health and safety, it is not