Christmas Room Decoration | Christmas Decoration Ideas For Kids Rooms

Get your kids excited this Christmas by decorating their rooms with a holiday theme.

Christmas is a week away, and it is time to start shortlisting decoration ideas for your little one’s room. It is one of the favourite holidays for kids because they are showered with treats. What better way to be the secret Santa for your kids than decorating their room with trees, bells and other decoration items?

If you are worried about where to start, we have got you covered. Below we have mentioned a few ways in which you can add merry vibes to your kids’ room.

Add A Christmas Tree In A Corner

add a christmas tree in a corner

Whether you do anything or not, a green Christmas tree is enough to set the holiday theme in the room. You can place it in a corner or near the study table so that it is the first thing that catches your kids’ eyes when they enter the room.

You can decorate it using sparkling bells, fairy lights and other inexpensive items you can purchase from a nearby shop or online. To create fake snow, you can add some cotton and align gift boxes at the base of the tree.

Hang Red Socks

hang red socks

One thing that will excite your kids is hanging red socks in the room. You can hang them near their bed or over the fireplace. Since red is the colour of the holiday, you should opt for a pair of socks and fill them with candies and small gifts. It will just elevate the decor of the room and add a vibrant touch. 

Add A Headboard

add a headboard

Why not add a decorated headboard to just brighten up the space? If you search online, you would find options from decorated to simple cherry-hanging headboards. It will help to liven up the space and add a cosy touch to the children’s room. Depending on how excited your kids are, you can go overboard and stay minimal with this option.

Add A Holiday Themed Bedsheet

add a holiday theme bedsheet

Simply changing the bedsheet on a mundane day just brightens up the room. Therefore, a simple and elegant option to decorate your child’s room is to change the bedsheet to a holiday-themed one. 

It can have a small cartoon, winter theme, Christmas theme or any holiday theme print. You can also add a few soft toys and jazzy pillows to amp up the interiors. 

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Create A Fort

create a fort

Another way to just jazz up the room is to create a makeshift fort for your children. They would love it around the holiday time. It will give them extra space to play, invite friends and spend time.

You can decorate the interiors with pillows, fairy lights and toys. If you build a big-enough fort, you can also spend some quality time with your children.

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Red Green Decor

red green decor

It is crucial that you create a balanced contrast with colours. For Christmas (5 Best Christmas Movies Of This Year), red and green hues go hand-in-hand. You can also throw a little black, white or cream shade in the mix.

You can decorate shelves with green leafy decor items, add red show pieces or take it up a notch with reindeer. You can add blankets to chairs, making them a cosy spot for some holiday-themed reading.


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