9 Kitchen Design Trends for 2024, According to Houzz

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, you’re likely wondering what trends are currently defining the heart of the home. To help, Houzz just released its 2024 kitchen trends study, which is filled with information on popular design trends, from open concept layouts and high tech appliances to popular cabinet materials and lighting inspiration.

Open Concept Kitchen

More and more homeowners are opting to make their kitchens feel more open. According to the report, 64 percent of renovating homeowners are opting for kitchens that are completely open concept, meaning no wall separates the kitchen from an adjacent room. The most frequently cited reasons for created an open-concept space are improving functionality (64 percent) and enhancing entertainment capability (54 percent).

Substantial Structural Work

While many kitchen renovations are focused on changing the room’s style, many makeovers involve substantial structural work. Among renovating homeowners, 45 percent revamp the kitchen’s layout and 43 percent upgrade systems. Some of these changes include modifying ceiling height and restructuring the flooring.

High-Tech Appliances

Homeowners are opting for appliances with high-tech capabilities, according to the report. About 30 percent of renovating homeowners choose appliances with Wi-Fi connectivity, while 29 percent opt for models that can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet. What’s more, most homeowners (54 percent) prefer to replace all appliances during a renovation rather than just a few.

Accommodating for Age

Among renovating homeowners hoping to address special needs in the kitchen, the most common reason is to accomodate aging household members’ needs. Some kitchen adjustments that account for age, include pullout cabinets (58 percent), extra lighting (54 percent), wide drawer pulls (48 percent), nonslip flooring (37 percent), and rounded countertops (34 percent).

Backsplash Renovations

Many homeowners opt to replace their kitchen’s backsplash during a renovation, and that share is up by 2 points since last year, the report notes. Currently, the most popular backsplash material is ceramic or porcelain tile (54 percent), followed by engineered quartz (11 percent). But homeowners are also opting for natural stone, like marble (9 percent), quartzite (6 percent), and granite (4 percent).

Bigger Islands

A larger kitchen island gives you more space to prepare meals and entertain friends and family, which is why many homeowners are opting to extend their islands. According to the report, 42 percent of renovating homeowners are creating kitchen islands that are 7 feet or longer.

A Pop of Cabinetry Color

This year, expect to see more color enter the kitchen, especially when it comes to the cabinets. While white continues to be the most common cabinetry color, wood and green kitchen cabinets are on the rise. In fact, wood tones are the most common choice for lower cabinets, followed by blue, which continues to be a top choice for island cabinets.

More Storage Solutions

People want kitchens that work for them, which is why organization is becoming a top priority. Features such as cookie sheet organizers (55 percent), spice racks (44 percent), and cutlery and utensil organizers (41 percent and 37 percent, respectively) are increasingly in popularity.

Recessed Lighting

Lighting sets the tone for your kitchen. For renovating homeowners, recessed lighting continues to be the leading choice in renovated kitchens, with 75 percent of homeowners selecting it. Under cabinet lights are also popular (69 percent), while pendant lights are favored by more than half of homeowners (56%).