8 Eye-Catching Kitchen Island Decor Ideas

Kitchen islands are the heart of the contemporary home. They’re a casual gathering point for families to cook, dine, relax, entertain guests, and enjoy spending quality time together. Big or small, free-standing islands make a functional addition to any kitchen, providing an extra work surface and additional storage. Utilities aside, kitchen islands also offer the perfect platform for expressing your personal style and elevating your kitchen decor. We’ve rounded up our favorite decor ideas to spruce up your kitchen island and turn it into a stylish focal point.

Jeff Herr

1. Have Fun with Fruit

A fruit bowl is a kitchen island staple, but why not try something unexpected? Here, a vintage scale serves as a repurposed fruit bowl for a creative yet functional piece of kitchen island decor. Flea market accessories add charm and warmth to a modern kitchen. Less is more, so keep decorative objects to a minimum to avoid an overcluttered worktop. That way your innovative fruit display doesn’t compete for attention (or counter space).

Laura Moss

2. Add a Fresh Seasonal Color

Embrace the gift of nature to brighten up your kitchen. Here, fresh flowers in a vibrant shade of yellow and a bowl of juicy oranges add a lively note to classic kitchen decor. The neutral white vessels take a back seat as the orange hues pop against a complementary blue backdrop. Keep fruit and flowers seasonal for your kitchen island display.

Laura Moss

3. Don’t Limit Decor to Countertops

Kitchen islands maximize storage with additional drawers, shelves, and cubby holes built into the base. Make them as decorative as they are functional by displaying your prettiest dinnerware. The blue and white crockery showcased on this kitchen island stay in tune with the room’s color scheme for a cohesive look.

Kritsada Panichgul

4. Cultivate an Indoor Herb Garden

Add flavor to your meals while spicing up the look of your kitchen island with a curated selection of potted herbs. The lush green hue and fragrant aromas of fresh herbs stimulate the senses and leave the kitchen looking and smelling delicious. Here, a cake stand gathers a trio of plants in a rustic, organic display. Using a platform elevates the herbs as a functional decorative centerpiece and frees up space on the countertop for culinary masterpieces.

Laurey Glenn

5. Style a Decorative Tray

Trays are a practical option for small kitchen island decor because they are easy to lift up and move to quickly free up valuable counter space. Trays also make surfaces look tidier and serve as a landing spot for most-used items. In this kitchen, a collection of cooking essentials in an artful arrangement serve as both decoration and utilitarian function. The display maintains the same neutral tones and organic textures to match its serene backdrop.

6. Opt for an Anything-Goes Bowl

A dough bowl offers a versatile way to style your kitchen island. The wooden vessel adds rustic texture and can be dressed up to suit any decor, occasion, or season. For winter, think pinecones, chestnuts, baubles, or holly branches. Fresh blooms or seasonal fruit brings a summery feel, while coastal residents might prefer pebbles and seashells. A dough bowl’s long, simple form makes it a perfect piece of large kitchen island decor.

Blaine Moats

7. Be Resourceful

A little creativity can go a long way, as seen in this retro kitchen. An array of vintage finds, including old tins and boxes, rolling pins, and scales, have been upcycled as stylish storage and kitchen island decor. Repurposing objects is a savvy, low-cost way to add character and interest to your kitchen.

Jason Donnelly

8. Create a Balanced Centerpiece

Experiment with shapes, textures, and heights for the perfect kitchen island centerpiece. Here, the rectangular forms and sharp angles of the kitchen are balanced by the soft, feminine curves of the decorative elements, including a wooden cutting board, round vases, and small bowl of fruit. Apply the rule of three to create further visual appeal and anchor the focal point. Objects look best grouped in odd numbers at varying heights. Too many objects on a kitchen island can look cluttered or render the countertop unusable.