35 Best DIY Vertical Garden Ideas, Systems & Designs of 2022

vertical garden ideas

Buff Strickland / Brian Woodcock

If you consider yourself to be a plant mom, you likely have a few succulents or florals in your home. And if you’re looking for new and creative ways to transform your small or large garden into the oasis of your dreams, there are an array of vertical garden ideas that’ll showcase your plants’ beautiful colors and textures. These arrangements even work for large or small spaces such as a balcony.

Whether you’re hunting for decorating ideas for a dreamy backyard or budget-friendly small garden ideas for your home, our list has simple yet eye-catching options for your plant setup. After finding some of the best summer flowers to plant in your garden or preferred fall vegetable and floral options, it’s time to start the decorating process. Some of these ideas are simple and DIY-based (from potted hanging planters to upcycled face-painted containers for any herb or houseplant), while others might take more time (including the vertical herb garden and copper pipe hanging planters). Regardless of the vertical gardening system you choose, it’s sure to make a statement.

And for even more plant and gardening tips, check out these year-round evergreen shrubs, indoor herb garden kits, air-purifying kitchen plants and this step-by-step guide to repotting your plants without killing them.

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Upcycled Vertical Planters

Believe it or not, you can easily reuse trash bins as planters to dress up a wall or fence. All it takes is rope or twine. If you want to amp up the look, paint them in a bold hue.


DIY Vertical Plant Stand


Potted Hanging Planters

There’s beauty in simplicity. For this design, use hanging cup holders as planters and arrange them in a fun pattern on a wooden mount.



Hanging Diamond Planters

This idea is ideal for single small succulents or air plants. It’s an easy way to hang your plants in any part of the room, without taking up too much space.



DIY Wooden Box Wall Planter

Amateur crafters can make their own planter using small wood pieces. Create the base to rest the plant in, then hammer your creation to the fence or wall.

Perfect for displaying live and artificial plants in your space, this hanging planter has a minimalist yet elegant design. Showcase an array in one section of the room or hang them from your porch ceiling.



Asymmetrical Fence Garden

Try using the same color and size planters for your florals. Nail them to your fence in an asymmetrical pattern. For a more ordered design, use a variation of the same blooms.


Hanging Water Bottle Planters

Don’t throw away your empty bottles or cartons just yet. Cut open the bottom part to place your plant and paint faces on the bottle’s front. Use rope to dangle them anywhere in your indoor or outdoor space.

Reuse an old over-the-door shoe organizer as planters. Hang it on the fence or wall, and fill the compartments with dirt to display ferns, vines and other forms of greenery.


Use new or purchased shutters to display your greenery. Lean them against the wall and fill the slots with mosses or succulents.



Vertical Bottle Planters

After painting, cut out the front part of the bottle. Place your soil inside, along with your plant. Poke small holes at the bottom for drainage. Use rope or twine to position your new planters vertically on a pole, stick or fence.

An indoor or outdoor plant wall makes a gorgeous decorative statement. They’re especially ideal if you lack floor space for greenery or have empty walls to fill.

Instead of letting your plants overtake an entire wall, create a geometric pattern for a unique look. Wrap vines around wire and use hooks to keep the wire positioned in the desired form.


Hanging Mason Jar Planters

Transform empty and old mason jars into picture-perfect hanging planters. Tie them to wood beams on the ceilings with rope, making sure they’re securely fastened around the mason jars to prevent them from falling.


Stacked Recycled Tires

Turn tires into colorful flower pots for your garden. First, spray paint them in your preferred color. Then, use cardboard as your base to keep soil from spilling and plant your blooms inside. Stack them on top of each other for a layered look.


Plastic Drain Pipe Wall Planters

Connect plastic drain pipes together in your desired pattern. Fill the slots with potting mix and plant your greenery upwards. Make sure to drill small holes under the planting slots to help with drainage.



Vertical Cheese Graters

If you thought cheese graters were just for the kitchen, think again. Wire can be used to attach cheese graters to a wooden beam or pole. After adding soil and flowers, your vertical garden is complete. The holes in the grater also aid with drainage.



Modern Kitchen Herb Garden

Since herbs can be used for cooking, it only makes sense to have them where you’ll need them the most — in the kitchen. Purchase pots that match your cooking area’s decor and install them right by the entrance or on an empty wall inside.

Get the tutorial at Inspired by Charm »



Metallic Hanging Planter

For a more rustic look, use metallic planters to decorate your space. Although they don’t have holes for proper drainage, they’re gorgeous additions to any part of your home, especially when filled with vibrant blooms.


Train vines to grow upwards on the fence. Wrap them around the squares and use hooks to keep them afloat if they happen to fall. Prune them so they grow in the direction you like best.


Wood Scraps Vertical Planter

After spreading glue across a frame (in any size or shape), place any natural elements like stone or wood, then add moss to complete the look. Be creative with the design, from squares and circles to hexagons and tesseracts.


Install planters on wooden slabs, then nail them horizontally (or vertically) to the wall or fence. This is especially perfect for lightweight herbs.


Bird Bath Succulent Garden

Did your home come with a bird bath that’s just collecting dust? Fill it with soil, pebbles, moss, herbs and blooms to transform it into a miniature garden.


Colorful Hanging Colanders

Create a jungle-inspired room using a fishing line to hang plants from your ceiling. Add holes in uniform distance throughout your space and choose the pattern you want to follow for the hanging vines and plants. It might take a while for the vines to grow floor-length, but once they do, the room will truly feel like it’s full of life.



Black Metal Plant Stand

While some plant stands have shelving, others have slots that you can easily slip planters into — similar to this black structure holding buckets of foliage.


Copper Pipe Hanging Planter


Brass Ring Hanging Hoop Planter

A short wooden ladder is the perfect spot to created a tiered garden. Spruce up each rung with greenery in terracotta planters.


Old tin cans can be reimagined into planters, then installed on a tall wooden rod to create a tower of green. For a prettier display, spruce up the tin cans with paint first.


Rattan Hanging Baskets

If you have rattan planters, bowls or baskets, hang them on your wall, ceiling or fence using rope. Add a non-slip hook to the rope’s end and place your plant babies inside for a floating arrangement.


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