29 Books to Advance Your Real-Estate Career, Recommended by Industry Leaders

  • Insider’s rising stars of real estate span roles in leasing, affordable housing, and urban planning.
  • We asked the young achievers about the books that influenced their careers or personal growth.
  • Here are their recommendations, along with some introspection on titles spiritual and practical.

Careers in real estate vary from brokers and lenders to investors, developers, and architects. Equally as varied are the types of people that take those jobs.

One thing that shapes these people is what they read. For some of Insider’s rising stars of 2022, the subject matter might surprise you.

There’s a lot of soul-searching going on among the young professionals, and it’s not just about how to be a better communicator to get your way. It’s about how to be a better — and, in at least one case, more-spiritual — person.

Other rising stars told Insider they wanted to learn from the trials and tribulations of successful people, like the Nike cofounder Phil Knight. And some of the most notable tell-alls of Wall Street real-estate players, like Michael Lewis’ “Liar’s Poker,” inform our stars of the laudable and reprehensible behavior that has shaped the industry.

Below, find the selection of 29 books that influenced the rising stars, along with their musings of what they learned or how they applied the lessons to their practices.

Read the full list of rising stars, along with their backstories or dreams of what they hope to accomplish in residential and commercial real estate, including tacking the home-affordability issue and improving technology.