25 Ways To Incorporate Color Into Your Kitchen Decor

Here’s some interior design advice you’ve probably heard many times: Don’t be afraid of color. However, even though this is a great tip, it can sometimes be hard to implement in certain spaces. For example, in the living room, this is quite simple — you can add a throw pillow, blanket, wall art, or another piece; but in the kitchen, adding bolder shades may be more of a challenge.

When adding color to this space, Ecos Paints recommends beginning by considering warm and cool palettes; think about which colors create your desired atmosphere. If you like both palettes, you could mix them. Next, make sure every shade you use is cohesive and works well in the area. Finally, don’t try to use too many tones, and ensure that every bold piece complements the space without making it feel overwhelming.

If you’re a little color-shy, you don’t need to dive right into the deep end with bold cabinets or a vibrant accent wall. There are plenty of subtle ways to include color in the kitchen, and below are 25 decorative pieces you could easily add.

1. Shades

Shades or curtains hung on windows will cover the room with a subtle dash of color. The above yellow shades make this cool-toned kitchen feel warmer.

2. Light strips

Yellow or blue lighting from light strips or bulbs can completely transform a kitchen, making it appear either warm or cool-toned. For example, the above space has warm yellow light strips along the open shelving.

3. Hanging pots

Hanging colorful or rosy metallic pots and pans on the wall will not only make them more accessible but will also provide a neutral kitchen with some much-needed color.

4. Plants

Greenery is a great way to add a very subtle dash of green or a bright bloom to your kitchen. They could be added to the counter or along a windowsill. 

5. Backsplash tiles

Adding a backsplash in a bold tone will give your counters a cheerful background. For instance, yellow will warm up your kitchen’s design.  

6. Table runner

Adding a colorful runner to a kitchen table will brighten up your space without making it feel overwhelming. Additionally, if you have other bold accents like cabinets, you could match these elements for a more cohesive design. 

7. Chairs

Consider surrounding your table with colorful chairs. You could also match them with other smaller elements around your kitchen, like towels, planters, and hanging bags.

8. Jars or containers

Adding colored containers to your countertops to hold baking goods or other foods will create a more playful atmosphere. 

9. Appliances

While not common, replacing stainless steel or neutral appliances with ones in brighter colors will create a happy atmosphere. Additionally, you don’t have to make a drastic change, like replacing your fridge; instead, you could change out your smaller appliances like the tea kettle or toaster. 

10. Dishware

A super fun way to add color to your kitchen is by setting the table or island with colorful dishware. Using plates, bowls, cups, napkins, placemats, and silverware with bright and happy shades will give your kitchen a well-designed appearance. 

11. Flowers

Fresh or artificial flowers will not only bring in beautiful hues of many colors; they’ll also give your space a touch of soothing nature. 

12. Rug

Rugs are usually placed in front of the sink, though they could also be put in front of other appliances. You could choose a typical kitchen rug, as shown above, or a longer runner. 

13. Fruit bowl

A simple way to add color to your kitchen is by displaying fresh (or faux) fruit in a neutral basket. This could be placed on an island or in a breakfast nook.

14. Hardware

Replacing neutral or boring hardware with something that packs a bold punch will give your kitchen the interesting flare you’re craving. 

15. Utensils

Hanging utensils and other kitchen accessories that have been dyed a bold color along your backsplash or wall will give your room a unique appearance. 

16. Utensil holder

Instead of hanging utensils, you could corral them in a brightly colored holder. This would be ideal for those who have wooden or neutral-colored utensils.

17. Candles

Candles in vibrant jars displayed on the island or in the center of a table will add more color and warm lighting when lit.

18. Towels

Hanging dish towels on hooks along your backsplash is an easy way to introduce some color into your space. 

19. Seasonal pieces

Create a seasonal display by layering three or five pieces in a natural tray and placing it on the island or in the center of a table. 

20. Stools

Colored stools can add a welcoming feel to neutral spaces. Ones made of plush materials like velvet will add an elegant appearance. 

21. Pendant lights

To cast a colorful glow over your space, choose pendants in a bright tone, like the above lime green fixtures. 

22. Tablecloth

An easy way to add a dash of interest is by laying a tablecloth over your kitchen table. You could also add dishware in a different but still cohesive shade, as in the space above. 

23. Rolling cart

You could also create more opportunities to display color with unique shelving. A rolling cart would provide the perfect space for decorating with plants and colorful dishware. 

24. Open shelving

Another feature you could add to your kitchen to include more open storage is shelves. Decorate your open shelving with bright dishes and serving plates for a pop of color.

25. Glass-front cabinets

Similarly, cabinets with glass doors allow you to see what’s stored inside. This is a cleaner and easier to maintain alternative to completely open shelving.