25 Mirror Decor Ideas From Designer Rooms

mirror decor ideas

KARYN R MILLET, Karyn Millet

Ah, the power of strong mirror placement. Not only do mirrors brighten up an entire room by bouncing light and reflecting your gorgeous ray of sunshine face back into the space, but they also fill awkward corners and animate lackluster walls. And much like art and lighting, these decorative items can function as architectural statements or subtle accents. The mirror decor possibilities are truly endless. Arguably, mirrors are the greatest home invention (second only to the all-mighty toilet). So whether you want to spruce your walls, double-check an outfit or apply makeup, bounce light, and/or make a space feel larger than it is, these 25 mirror decor ideas from designer rooms will help you achieve your goals.

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A three-dimensional mirror secured to the velvet upholstered walls brings some angular edge to the plush, formal space designed by Alison Pickart.

Designer Dee Murphy added a custom brass shelf between the Hellman range and the hood to perch knickknacks and a mirror that makes the room look bigger. We know what you’re thinking: A mirror in peak mess zone is going to collect grime. Good news: Murphy confirmed that it’s not nearly as high-maintenance to keep clean as you’d think.

A sculptural backlit mirror piece above the mantel in this living room designed by Tamsin Johnson Interiors keeps us on our toes. While a classic mirror may feel expected, this striking element is anything but.

This genius small space solution gets a lot done while taking up as little of the floor as possible. Juan Carretero flanked the bed with two custom ceiling-high armoires that function as closets, and the niche beneath the built-in sconce functions as a bedside table. Mirrored exteriors make the bulky furniture seem invisible.

Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling mirrors with an antique look create intrigue and make the open floor plan feel even more, well, open in this NYC home designed by Celerie Kemble.

Mirrored tiles maximize light and make you feel like you’re in your own little disco ball universe of fun. In this kitchen designed by ETC.etera in L.A.’s Firehouse Hotel, the mirrored tile backsplash contrasts with the casual wicker stools.

A gilt-framed mirror asserts just enough timelessness to this small living room designed by Arent & Pyke. The Art Deco floral rug, geometric cube table, and other fun contemporary and colorful accents steal the spotlight.

The infinity effect works well in a modern, minimalist environment, such as this bathroom designed by Kristin Fine.

Together with a large indoor tree, an antique standing mirror in this bedroom by Heidi Caillier makes perfect use of a corner.

In this primary bedroom designed by ETC.etera, the closet is separated by a curtain and separated by a flex wall that is elevated by mirror panels.

Elizabeth Roberts Architects filled this nonworking fireplace can with plants. Put yours to use with a cluster of pine-scented candles to get that flickering flame effect and woodsy smell, and then place an organic mirror above the mantel.

Mark D. Sikes preserved the historic stained glass window in this powder room and even let it inspire the wallpaper pattern. A small blue medallion is amplified by the sky blue Katie Ridder wallpaper while all the red paint by the vanity area really pops.

A small, wall-mounted demilune table brings old-world opulence to this apartment designed by Patrick McGrath, while the vibrant and eclectic leaning artwork and stacked books give it a laidback atmosphere. The mirror bounces natural light and the small surface provides just enough space to prop up photographs and flowers without jutting too far into the walkway.

Alternating frames, sizes, and shapes make this experimental gallery wall of mirrors in a bathroom by Cecilia Casagrande both fun and practical.

A custom floating vanity table is mirrored, just like the wall behind it, in this purple and black bedroom designed by Kingston Lafferty Interiors. They flow right into each other, opening up the space and providing a surface worktop without cramping the bedside area.

A floor-length mirror right across from the large windows amplifies the natural sunlight even more in this minimalist dining room by AP Design House. But it’s not just any old flood mirror! The curved top accentuates the traditional ceiling moldings for a hint of whimsy.

A frameless mirror blends right into this floral wallpapered powder room designed by Atelier ND, reflecting the artwork on the back wall. It’s a true jewel box.

A large industrial mirror leans casually against the wall in this modern living room designed by Tamsin Johnson, reflecting both the edgy green carpet and black metal details as well as the laidback beachy vibe of the slipcovered seating and waterfront prints.

Tamsin Johnson extended the gorgeous custom marble material up from the vanity to the backsplash and even framed the double oval mirrors with it. The rich purple veining makes for a royally polished impression.

The sweet patterned floor tiles and off-white painted shiplap walls bring a warm, neutral touch to this glam bathroom designed by Meredith McBrearty. The mirror-like material used for the tub look fresh paired with the brass fixtures.

A mirrored wall in the sunken lounge makes this small, architecturally quirky entrance by Kingston Lafferty Design appear much larger. A fun cone-shaped red pendant and pink curved bench bring the rustic archway to life.

Make your walk-in closet feel like a bespoke dressing room with a three-way mirror. Add custom shelving for shoes, purses and other accessories like Heather Hilliard did here.

Instead of mirroring an entire wall, work with a local supplier to customize your mirrored glass to enhance specialty moldings. Here, the bulit-in closet enclosures in a bedroom by Tamsin Johnson break up the solid material while the paint color adds a nice contrast.

Monochrome always looks cool and this 2LG Studios bathroom is no exception. They made the awkward corner into something awesome with a custom vanity and mirror.

An antiqued mirror reflects light and makes the room feel larger, while the ghost chair keeps bulky furniture to a minimum for a wide-open feel. Follow designer Lindsey Bond’s lead and upholster your floating shelf in leather, then add some nailhead trim for a tailored look.

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