25 Decorative Pillows for Bed and Cushions for Home 2022

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The project of home decor is quite an exciting one, albeit also challenging. While you know you can always switch up your style, it does take quite some undertaking. While you might not be able to swap out your furniture every few months, you can easily spruce up your home with decorative pillows.

In this roundup, we’re presenting you with 25 decorative pillows for your bed. Of course you can accessories your chairs and couches with these just the same, so keep scrolling to find the look right for your room (bed or living). These types of pillows pull a room together in the same way plants and candles do. Adding decorative pillows not only brings your space to life but is an opportunity to customize the look of your room to match your personality. When you’ve outgrown one aesthetic, you can easily change it up with just a few accent pillows.

We’ve got everything here from statement pieces to monochrome neutral tones. Some are investment pieces you’ll only splurge on once, and others afford you the flexibility to swap out every other week, if you so wish. Scroll through the following 25 options to find the look most suitable to you and your personal taste. And if you are looking for simple pillows to sleep on, you can find those here.

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Our Top Picks

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    Best Linen Pillows

    Linen Sham Set

    Let’s kick this off with a summery linen piece. Not all decorative pillows need to be bright and patterned. If you are trying to keep to a neutral tone in your home, then Parachute makes these pillows in a variety of earthy colors.

    When it comes to decorative pillows, Anthropologie knows how to deliver. These vibrant pillows can make any home feel warm, and they come in a number of patterns, so make sure to check those out, too.


    Best Throw Pillow

    Floral-Print Square Outdoor Throw Pillow

    If you prefer a cool tone in your home, then blues and grays are what you are looking for. A nice trick is to stack one printed pillow such as this over a single-color pillow.


    Chenille Square Throw Pillows

    Speaking of single-toned pillows, here are a couple of good ones that will pair with the last option perfectly. It comes in a variety of colors, so choose which one works best with your printed piece.


    Woven Geometric Square Throw Pillow

    This salmon-colored pillow makes for a cute statement piece. It’s made with a 100 percent cotton, so it guarantees comfort. It comes in a blue option as well, so have fun decorating your bed or your couch with your preferred look.


    Best Neutral Pillows

    Bounce Round Pillow

    What do you see when you walk into any home decor store lately? Everything is in the color ivory. This soft and warm color is all the rage right now, and you can get it in this cute round decorative pillow as well.

    If you want to add a little design but still keep to a minimalist aesthetic, then these throw pillows from Crate and Barrel fit the requirements.


    Best Spherical Pillow

    Terre Olive Velvet Sphere Throw Pillow

    Accessorize your bed with this unique round pillow. Despite it being a very current style, something tells us it will stay in trend for quite a long time.

    This pillowcase is charmingly named the Flannel Pillowcase. Two of these stacked on top of two regular pillows will bring the aesthetics of your bed effortlessly together.


    Best Decorative Bed Pillow

    Indoor Decorative Pillow

    We’re currently obsessing over this bright blood orange color. It is inviting, warm, and fun. It surprisingly pairs well with any blue or green accessories as well, so have fun mix and matching, and don’t be afraid of a little clashing!


    Martz Rectangular Cotton Pillow

    Long pillows look great at the center between two regular pillows. This cute one comes with ruffles at its corners, and the stripes add a pop of color to the room without being too much.


    Decorative Velvet Throw Pillow Cases

    This velvet pillow comes in 19 other colors, so if this soft pink isn’t so much your style make sure to check out the other options!


    Best Value

    Embroidered Palm Throw Pillow Navy

    This decorative pillow is simply design perfection. And although it looks luxe, it’s probably one of the most cost-efficient options in this listicle. Now, that’s a win.


    Color-Block Square Throw Pillow

    Perhaps you’re into abstract art, in which case this pillow will be to your liking. Not to mention, it comes with a more attractive price point compared to some other pillows out there.


    Best Decorative Floral Pillow

    Rifle Paper Co. Daisies Pillow

    How stunning is this daisy pillow? A truly unique work of art, made by the design company Rifle Paper Co. While this might be more of an investment piece, you can be assured you won’t find anything like it anywhere else.

    The modernists will love this one. This option provides plenty of statement without being too loud. She would blend subtly into a neutral toned home with ease and style.


    Anthonyson Square Cotton Pillow Cover

    This standard decorative pillow works with pretty much any space. If you’re lookin to add a little fluff to your bed without all of the pizzazz, this one’s for you. Be warned: You’ll have a hard time keeping your hands off this wonderfully textured design.


    Best Double-Duty Pillow

    Wiggle Pillow

    Okay, hear us out on this one, because this pillow serves double duty. You can either tie it up as shown as a unique cloud pillow, or untie it for one long body pillow to curl into. Quite amazing, no?


    Best Bed Pillow on Amazon

    Square Bohemian Decorative Pillow Cover

    How fun is this bohemian pillow cover? It comes with a perfect 5-star rating and some rave reviews for its high quality and style. And it’s affordable. You really can’t go wrong with this one.


    Broken Lines Pillow Cover

    This artisanal pillow cover can add a little texture to your room. Pair with another yellow pillow and you’ve easily spruced up your space.


    Best Leather Pillow

    Artigo Brown Leather Throw Pillow

    Now, we know leather might not be the first thing that pops to mind when you think of bedroom decor pillows, but here you’ll see just how stunning it can be. The hard-wearing and wipe-clean nature of leather makes it ideal for those with small kids or pets.

    This beautiful blue piece is giving farmhouse and/or coastal-living vibes. Does your home aesthetic check off any of those boxes? If yes, go ahead and hit that “add to cart” button.


    Orange Indoor Decorative Pillow

    Somehow knitted pieces always make a home feel more cozy. You already know how much we love this color. Now add onto the fact that it’s on the affordable side, and there really is no reason to not purchase. A great option for those looking for a retro through to cottage-core aesthetic.


    Best Faux-Fur Pillow

    Faux-Rabbit-Fur Throw Pillow

    Faux fur just adds that extra plush comfort to a bed that a simple cotton pillowcase cannot. It not only looks good but serves your gentle head well, too.


    Best Value

    Modern Stripe Geometric Boho Throw Pillow Covers

    Get a whole set of four decorative pillows with this design from Amazon. It’s giving a boho-chic vibe, and is a great and affordable option for those going into their first college dorm rooms.

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