21 Small Bedroom Ideas for When Your Bed Takes Up the Whole Damn Room

In big cities across the US and beyond, minuscule bedrooms abound. Fun small bedroom ideas feel hard to come by, and frustration sets in before anything actually improves in your space. Visions of an armchair, a “reading nook,” and a makeup vanity float by, meanwhile your space still doesn’t have room for a pair of nightstands to accompany your bed. But fear not, there are, indeed, decorating ideas that make it possible to achieve an inspiring living space, squeeze in those storage solutions, and still get a comfortable night’s sleep at the end of the day, too, no matter how small that square footage is.

How can I make the most of my small bedroom?

Consider each piece you add to the space and make sure it serves the mood you’re trying to evoke in your small bedroom. If you’re hoping for a relaxing space, maybe it’d be best to give that colorful dresser you got as a hand-me-down a naturally toned coat of paint. If you want everything to feel super unique, maybe you could skip the IKEA furniture and just go for secondhand.

How do I plan a layout for a small bedroom?

When planning the layout for a small bedroom, consider what furniture pieces are most essential to you. Are you without a closet and need some place to put your clothes? Then chances are you’ll need to prioritize a dresser or clothing rack. Do you tend to spend time in bed even when you’re not sleeping or preparing to? Maybe a daybed is in order. Is there a deep windowsill next to your bed? Then maybe you can skip a nightstand and put that surface to work instead.

How do couples style a small bedroom?

If you’re styling a bedroom for you and a partner, sit down with each other and figure out your needs as outlined above. Since you both might have different priorities for the space, you’ll likely need to compromise. In any case, it’s likely your best bet to look into a storage bed or some under-the-bed storage if you’re trying to keep double the amount of belongings in one small bedroom.

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