14 impressive passive project designs from PhiusCon 2022

These 14 projects represent what the future of building will look like and are all Phius-certified. Phius standards are rigorous and are used globally to create passive buildings. In fact, the Phius certification includes the U.S. Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home requirements, U.S. EPA indoor airPLUS label standards and EPA Energy Star requirements. At the 8th Annual Passive Projects Design Competition at PhiusCon 2022, these 14 designs won awards for the innovation and use of passive elements.

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Passive houses and future building

What is a passive house? Specifically, this is a house that uses only one-tenth of the energy that a more standard home uses. Passive houses are also well-insulated to provide noise and temperature insulation. Additionally, Phius standards demand energy efficiency and comfortable design. Passive homes are built to be airtight, well-insulated and heated through solar energy.

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Pastel townhomes with street post outside

Willow Creek Rentals

The pretty Willow Creek Rentals look like they’ve been transported from the early 1900s. White woodwork gleams under the sun, brightening up the pastel paint. The two-story homes are then arranged in neat blocks. Following, warm wood floors create a welcoming interior. Solar panels on the roof take care of the energy needs for each rental home.

Flat roof home with thin, long windows

Theresa Passive House

The Theresa passive house is surrounded by greenery and full of windows. The interior spaces are full of light and gorgeous wood elements. Additionally, the natural world is visible from every angle and becomes part of the scenery.

Apartment building with colorful windows

Santella Gardens

This commercial space is full of color and wood elements. The outdoor deck of the Santella Gardens property is an oasis of green grass plants and wooden benches. Meanwhile, solar panels on the roof catch the sunlight to create energy.

Pipsqueak passive house


The Pipsqueak home is full of natural stone, warm wood and open, breezy interior spaces. The shaded patio outside leads right into the kitchen area. The open design has two floors joined together with a streamlined, industrial-inspired staircase.

Brick apartment building on a street corner

Old Colony

The large, brick Old Colony building has enormous windows that look out on the wide stone pathway. Trees and benches line a curving walkway, so the entire building is surrounded by green plants. Every window is shaded with panels that block the heat of the sun to create a cooler interior.

Barn-like apartment building with snow outside

Oak Tree Village

Another winner is the Oak Tree Village. The interior of Oak Tree Village is surrounded by wood and windows that let the light shine through. As a result, the white buildings have a classic Colonial design with a modern update. Green roofs gleam in the sunlight, which enters every area of the interior through the many windows.

White home with three stories

Harrison Street Infill

Built to sit in a small lot, the Harrison Street Infill has a gorgeous front garden with a stone path leading to the bright, cheery interior. Light woods and the surrounding trees in the neighborhood then fill the spaces inside. The open floor plan creates fluid living spaces full of natural light.

Brush outside of a light gray home with slanted roof

Forever House

Following, wooden beams, big windows and glass doors define the spaces at Forever House. High ceilings keep the space filled with light, while natural woods warm up the interior. The tall, narrow home is also surrounded by natural landscaping and beautiful native grasses.

Black wood passive house

Fifth Street Passive House

The roof of Fifth Street Passive House is covered in solar panels and filled with wood and stone inside. Also, the covered wood porch is joined to the interior through a massive glass door with a view into the large, open interior.

Sharp pointed roof with snow outside at night

Doig River

The massive interior space at Doig River is covered with wooden slats. Solar panels cover the massive roof while tall windows bring light and views of nature inside.

Morning sun barely hitting a home in the woods


For this home, exposed wooden rafters and gorgeous natural stone give the interior of Bowdoin its unique look. Natural landscaping fills the exterior while featuring native grasses and trees. Wood is used inside and out, more elements from the natural world.

Warehouse-like building with black outlined windows

Acton Passive House

The sleek Acton Passive House has floor-to-ceiling windows and a modern, sloping design that stands out against the enormous trees surrounding it. The open interior spaces are well-lit and glinting with stainless steel counters, appliances and shelving.

Apartment building at night with a lobby lit up below

Grand Concourse

Wooden slats cover the concourse leading to the Grand Concourse. Moreover, interior spaces are warmed with wood and lit with windows that bounce off the high ceilings. Spaces naturally blend together in this open floor plan.

Apartment building with trees nearby

Third Avenue

The wide-open interiors of Third Avenue are covered in gorgeous wood flooring lit with natural light from the windows that bring the outside world inside. In addition, there’s an outside courtyard and a gorgeous rooftop garden area. Most of the rooftop is covered in solar panels that generate green energy for the building.

This is how homes and buildings will be created in the future. Moreover, they will follow sustainable building practices and use materials that benefit people and the planet.

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