Woman Transforms Kitchen With Thousands Of Coins During Lockdown

Woman Transforms Kitchen With Thousands Of Coins During Lockdown

Billie Jo Welsby used thousands of coins to transform her kitchen.

It appears not everyone struggled to kill time during lockdown. There were people who used it to let their imagination fly and creativity take shape. In northwest England, a woman used the ample free time in her hands to completely transform her dull kitchen. Billie Jo Welsby used thousands of 1p coins to decorate parts of the walls of her kitchen, which now twinkle and glitter even if a hint of light enters the area. Ms. Welsby shared a number of photographs on Facebook of the decorated kitchen as well as how it looked before she ramped it up.

In one of the photographs, shared after the stunning decoration was completed, a message board behind the stove reads, “This is our happy place.” And the photograph that showed the kitchen before the decoration looks dull in comparison.

She also added in the post, “Total renovation on my kitchen, all work done by myself. 7,500 pennies individually placed.”

“Love it,” a Facebook user commented on the post. “That looks really nice,” another said.

Given the reception her effort is getting, it does appear that Ms. Welsby, 49, utilised her time during the lockdown very productively. She also managed to save money that she would have otherwise had to spend on hiring a professional decorator. Though it was not clear when exactly she did the decoration, she posted the photographs only a week ago.

“In total, I applied £75 worth of one pennies, which amounted to 7,500 of them. “I just applied them all with clear silicone one by one, using a very thin layer,” The Sun quoted Ms. Welsby as saying.

It took her nearly 10 hours to complete the decoration and she told the Mirror that the end result exceeded her own expectations.

Parts of England are still under lockdown and a planned relaxation of the restrictions from June 21 has been delayed by a few more weeks as cases continue to increase in the country.

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