Why Don Lemon’s New Year’s Eve Kitchen Background Is Raising Eyebrows

While celebrations looked a bit different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin still rung in the New Year together on CNN. Instead of mingling with folks who were out and about, the two anchors rang in the New Year from Lemon’s home by putting together some cool treats with the help of professional chefs (who spoke with the two virtually). However, their segment caught the attention of many because of one particular item in Lemon’s kitchen.

As one Twitter user pointed out, there was an interesting figurine in the background of the news anchor’s kitchen. While some on Twitter said that the item, which appeared to be either a cookie jar or simply some kind of decoration, was a caricature of a Black man, others, particularly, Black individuals, explained why Lemon might have a figure like that in his home. One user even wrote that they have a similar figurine in their own home, as they explained, “I have one… I’ve taken ownership of the narrative. That jar is no longer derogatory but represents a people with an unbreakable spirit.”

Still, the figurine in Lemon’s home still sparked a ton of conversation amongst those on social media. Scroll down to see what everyone is saying about the situation.