Try new varieties to diversify the fall garden | Home & Garden

From the same seed company I also ordered a rainbow mix of radishes called Garden Party. A combination of pink, red, maroon, yellow and white, these are going to be beautiful in my regular salads. Radishes are perhaps one of the quickest crops you can grow, only taking 30 days to mature. Keep in mind that beets do take longer, so you’ll want to start those seeds soon.

Kohlrabi is another great fall crop, one that I highly recommend you try if you’ve never planted it. Easily grown from seeds, kohlrabi is a type of turnip that produces its bulbous root above the soil. It is a very strange-looking plant, which always generates comments from neighbors and garden visitors who inquire about its uses.

Kohlrabi produces both leafy greens and large, dense bulbs — both of which are edible. The greens can be cooked the same as any other green — thrown in stir-fry, steamed or used in soups. The bulbs are incredibly diverse, too, and can be roasted, steamed, boiled, sautéed or eaten raw. The bulbs do have a tough outer skin, so peeling them before cooking is necessary.

Kohlrabi takes about 60 days to mature, so plan for that accordingly. But it is a tough, cold hardy plant that will persist in the garden.

In addition to the few I’ve mentioned here, there are many more crops to consider that can add some diversity to your fall garden. Local farmers are starting transplants, which will be available soon at farmers markets. Or you can try your hand at starting your own seeds.