Top 5 garden trends to keep your eye on in 2024

Every year, new garden trends are introduced. New creative ideas for fresh gardening emerge, with gardeners finding fun ways to keep their gardens fresh.

Here are a few trending garden ideas to look out for.

Gravel Gardens

With the hot summer climate, gravel gardens are ideal because of how they retain water. Considered by gardeners as sustainable, low-water garden and low maintenance. This garden style is alive with texture, and form all while using much less water than traditional gardens. Another benefit of having a gravel garden is how effective a barrier is to germinate weed seeds.

gravel garden

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Prioritise Pollinators

If your garden is full of pollinator-friendly plants, be sure to expect a variation of pollinator insects. Seeing bees, butterflies, beetles, and birds is a sign that your garden is wildlife-friendly. By selecting plants that provide habitat and food for birds and insects, you’ll create a garden that is beautiful, sustainable and biodiverse.

bee in garden

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Planting Textural Plants

Textural plants are a great element in garden design and are gaining popularity. A plant’s texture depends on the characteristics of its leaves, the shape, size, and smoothness. Gardeners are getting more and more into textural plants. The right combination of texture plants adds interest to a garden.


Indoor Gardening

Year in and year out, indoor gardening remains a popular trend. More people are turning their home spaces into green sanctuaries by cultivating houseplants, herbs, and even small vegetables indoors. This gardening idea has its benefits as it improves indoor air quality, and enhances overall well-being. This gardening design offers a practical solution for those with limited outdoor space.

English style garden

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Repurposing and recycling

Recycling and repurposing old items into garden features is a trend that is continuing into 2024. Gardeners embrace creative ways to reduce waste by incorporating recycled and reclaimed materials into their gardens. This increases the sustainability of gardens. Using repurposed and recycled items adds a unique, personal touch to your garden designs.


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Originally published in Garden&Home Magazine.