Tips for choosing the right wallpaper for your house | The New Times

Wallpapers come in different styles, colours and textures. A wallpaper, usually comes in rolls and is basically applied onto a wall using wallpaper paste.

This form of material is used in decoration of the interior walls of any buildings. 


Interior designers note that the type of wallpaper you choose can make or break the appearance of a given place. Chosen right, however, these pieces have potential to make any room appear spacious, warmer and cheerful.



Here are some tips for selecting the right wallpaper for your interiors;

Choose the right pattern for your style

For a personalised look, it is recommended to pick a particular pattern that matches your style as an individual. Your choice can range from formal, glam or casual patterns, these are what set the pace when choosing either large-scale patterns, small motifs or even dramatic colours. 

Consider the colouring 

The colours you select should flow with the rest of the décor in your room. This means, the dominant colour in your wallpaper should directly fit all the other colours and patterns in your furniture or flooring, for example. This evenness will help the décor to flow naturally with the rest of the space.

Consider the spaces too

Apparently, the choice of pattern or colour also depends on where the wallpaper will be put. Whether the wallpaper is to be decorated in the living room, bedroom or bathroom, how you choose the patterns and colour matters in making the right décor. For the living room, for example, it is advisable to choose warm colours, as for the patterns, they need to be simple wall designs that aren’t distracting. When decorating the bedroom, for instance, soothing colours such as beige are recommended. 

Size of the room

How you choose to use your wallpaper has the ability to enfold or open up a room. Light colours are considered best when it comes to creating the illusion of spaces, especially with small ones. When you choose bold colours or prints on a room that is small, it will even appear smaller. For a shorter room, vertical stripes are said to make the magic as they add height to the room.

Light in the room

When buying wallpaper, it is very important to keep in mind the amount of natural light the room accesses. This is what determines the kind of pattern to choose. Of course you want a pattern that will be warm with or without the natural lights, such that the temper of the room is not deterred by the difference. Dimmer rooms need vibrant colours for an uplifting atmosphere, whereas any choice would work for the rooms that are bright.

Decide on space to be covered

When considering to decorate with wallpaper, first decide on which areas of the house or building are going to be covered. For some, it could be a few walls, others can choose to cover the biggest part of the walls or even cover the ceiling too. This will vary per person’s choice, however, it should be determined from the start since this will help in determining how much paper to buy.

Height of the ceiling 

Assessing your space, especially the height of your ceiling is as crucial as other factors. Ceilings that are low always create a feel of a smaller space. In case one wants to create a wider space, it is better to choose colours and patterns that form space or its illusion. Textured wallpapers can give walls and space a broader element, and you can also use varying colours to add depth and attention to the chosen design.

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