tiles: 5 ways to give your kitchen a trendy makeover

Of late, many people have been spending a lot of time in their kitchens and trying their hands at new dishes. Clearly when one person spends so much time in one place, they start getting ideas to refurbish and give the space a makeover according to the times. As the plating of the food gets fancier, and shooting a making of the cooked dish video becomes a routine, most people are looking for a way to rejig the décor of their humble kitchens. Experts from the field, give a few pro-tips to jazz up the cooking space.

Play with the tiles

One of the most important design elements of any kitchen are the tiles – the ones above counters and the floor tiles. Gone are the days when one would stick to mundane white or black tiles; there are myriad options available for experimentation now. “3D tiles are trending these days and one can choose from a wide variety for the tiles around countertop and backsplash. If you don’t want to change all the tiles, then giving an accent around the backsplash would look good too,” says architect and interior designer Nikita Dewani.

Make the colours pop out

While sleek monochrome is always a good idea, adding a touch of bright hues will bring more cheer to the space. “Go beyond the usual colours for the cabinetry, and add some vibrance by making some cabinets or the kitchen island stand out with bright colours. Honestly, I wouldn’t shy away from using blush pick or sunny yellow too,” adds Dewani.

Add your personal style to the kitchen

Like all the other rooms in the house, kitchens too can be used to showcase your style and personality. Architect Prajyoti Desai encourages people to have more display elements for the same. “Invest in some good looking cookware, decorative frames that can be hung around the space and even smarter appliances. Utilising the corner spaces for installing open shelves will give you some room to add more decoration elements,” she says.

Make it LIT!

Another important design element that can transform the look of any kitchen is the way it is lit. “Most Indian kitchens make do with just one tube light on the wall or a ceiling light. I encourage patrons to highlight cabinetry and counters with profile lights. Even hanging lights around the kitchen island and shelves would look great,” says Desai.

Show off your greens

Plants liven up any space they are kept at. Adding more small and hanging planters around the kitchen area make the space more artistic. “Put some herb planters on the kitchen windowsill if you have one. The usual money plant in an empty bottle always works on countertops. I also recommend using hanging DIY planters for smaller spaces,” shares Dewani.