The Sims 4: Essential Interior Design Cheats

If you want to cheat your way to a level ten interior design career then these interior design cheats and pack specific shortcuts are for you.

The new Dream Home Decorator game pack for The Sims 4 adds a new dimension to home renovations by allowing your Sim to become an interior decorator. You can join the active career and take on gigs to renovate the houses of townies, bringing your stylish vision to the drab pre-built homes.

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The career is more structured than just randomly picking a house and changing it up, offering goals, preferences, and opinions. However, sometimes the mechanics of the game straight up interfere with your vision, and who has time to spend hours and hours building a reputation? These cheats will help you smooth the path to success.

Dream Home Decorator Cheats

To access cheats you need to press CTLR + SHIFT + C on PC/Mac or all four shoulder buttons at the same time on console. This will display a text box in the top left corner of the screen. Simply enter testingcheats on into the box.

If the code is successful you should see a confirmation saying that cheats are enabled. If it doesn’t work you can replace the word on with true or 1. Once cheats are enabled you can add any other cheat codes by typing them into the same box.

These cheats are specific to the new game pack and allow you to quickly advance your career. If you want a quick promotion you can use:

  • careers.promote deco
  • careers.promote interior

Each time the cheat is entered you’ll gain a level, all the way up to ten. If you want to move back down simply replace promote with demote.

You can also unlock the new create a sim outfits that are blocked by career progression by using the following cheat:

While these cheats are pack-specific there are also a few build mode cheats that can help you out with your renovations.

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Useful Build Mode Cheats For The Interior Design Career

new furniture on a blue background

If you’re building then there are a few cheats that can help you with being able to more freely place objects as well as giving you some extra items to place on your lot.

Move Objects Cheat AKA MOO

This cheat allows you to place items anywhere on the lot and not have to leave full tiles free for the grids around them. If you hold down alt while placing objects you can move things with even more freedom. You can also raise and lower an object’s height with the 9 and 0 keys, while [ and ] will scale the size up and down.

Console players can also use the move objects cheat but it’s a little glitchier. Arrow keys on the D-Pad will do the raising and lowering but items need to be by a wall. Holding L2 and R2 or LT and RT while pressing the arrows will resize objects.

Tip: Placing things too close together may make them unusable for Sims.

Show Hidden Objects Cheat

If you want to place some clutter items then show hidden objects can help. All you need to do is enter the cheat:

This displays a large number of extra clutter items that are seen in the game but not purchasable such as plates or glasses. If this isn’t enough there’s also an extra cheat:

This unlocks all the environmental objects in the game but prepare yourself as your catalog is about to get cluttered. You can find the new objects by using the debug filter or entering debug into the search bar.

Unlock Career Mode Objects Cheat

Certain items in the game are only available as rewards for specific careers. If you want to use them in builds then you’ll need this cheat:

  • bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement

Once this is done you’ll be able to use any items you like without having to do a career grind for them.

Now you have access to freedom and a large number of new items to take your design projects to the next level. Just remember if it all goes wrong, cheat.

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