The 8 Best Tool Kits for All Your Home Improvement Needs

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Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, it’s important to have the right tools on hand for DIY projects or quick fixes around the house. You probably already have some basics like a hammer and screwdriver, but if you feel like your tool collection is lacking and you’ve got some projects on your to-do list, it might be time to invest in a home tool kit.

These handy sets are outfitted with a variety of tools to help you tackle household jobs. Plus, the best tool kits come with a durable carrying container that keeps your tools safe and organized in one place, so you’ll never have to rummage through your junk drawer searching for a measuring tape again.

If you’re in the market for a new home tool kit, finding the right one depends on your needs. A basic set should be fine for most homes, but if you’re planning on trying your hand at renovating a room, you may want to invest in a set of power tools. If you are a renter in a small apartment, consider a mini-sized tool kit that won’t take up a lot of storage space.

To help you find the best tool kit for your upcoming projects, we scoured through thousands of customer reviews to find the top-rated home tool kits. With options for an affordable toolset, a high-end 799-piece set, and a kit that you can keep in your car, these are the best home tool kits to shop online.

Best Overall: Cartman 148-Piece Tool Set

More than 5,000 Amazon shoppers give this tool kit from Cartman their seal of approval. The 148-piece set comes in a durable hardshell carrying case and comes with all the basics needed for household repairs, including, a hammer, a measuring tape, a pair of pliers, wrenches, and screwdrivers. It even comes with a small box of nails and screws, and a handy box cutter that makes opening packages a breeze. “I needed something to have handy for when small projects popped up and this set does the job,” wrote one shopper. “Perfect for the weekend warrior. I’ve used it to hang my flat screen and to tear apart my PS3 to clean it out.”

Buy It: Cartman 148-Piece Tool Set, $29 (originally $40), Amazon

Best Basic Set with a Drill: Black + Decker 68-Piece Tool Kit with 20V Drill

Anyone who owns a power drill knows it’s the workhorse of many home projects. If you’re looking for a toolset that includes one, check out this option from Black + Decker. Shoppers love the kit’s lightweight power drill because of its long battery life, multiple drill settings, and an LED light that helps them work more efficiently. Reviewers say the drill allows them to put together furniture and hang shelves with ease, while the other tools in the set are perfect for smaller DIY projects. “Oh my goodness do I love this set,” said one customer. “It has everything I need and more, like a survival kit of tools in an easy go-to bag. Very satisfied. I have used it multiple times at home and away since I bought it. Only regret is not having this YEARS ago.”

Buy It: Black + Decker 68-Piece Tool Kit with 20V Drill, ($75, Amazon)

Best Power Tools Kit: Black + Decker Cordless Drill Combo Kit

If you plan on tackling large scale home projects like renovating a room or building your own furniture, Amazon shoppers recommend this Black + Decker power tools kit. The popular set comes with a power drill, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, lithium-ion batteries, a battery charger, and a work light that provides up to 11 hours of light at a time. “Being sheltered in place, I’ve gotten around to some home improvement projects that I’ve been putting off,” said one reviewer. “I’m not a contractor so don’t need super expensive tools. This set did exactly what I needed it to do. And that was to help me build a little deck for my side door and a raised planter bed. Both of which I completed in a day and a half which included demoing the old deck and quite a few beer breaks.”

Buy It: Black + Decker Cordless Drill Combo Kit, $129 (originally $157), Amazon

Best Mini Tool Kit: Allied Tools 25-Piece Tri-Fold Mini Tool Kit

Hundreds of Amazon shoppers say this mini tool kit by Allied Tools is perfect for small spaces. The trifold carrying case won’t take up too much space in a cabinet or drawer, but it’s still spacious enough to hold 25 items, including, pliers, a screwdriver, tweezers, a miniature measuring tape, and more. The entire set weighs only 1.1 pounds and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. “I wanted to have a small kit with essentials for my daughter when she moved into her college dorm, and this has been perfect for her,” wrote one customer. “The kit lets her do things like change batteries in things, tighten a drawer knob, and the like. Nice little thing to have around.”

Buy It: Allied Tools 25-Piece Tri-Fold Mini Tool Kit, ($19, Amazon)

Best for Car: Haiphaik Roadside Tool Kit

Having a quality tool set stored in your car is just as important as having one at home. This popular 124-piece option from Haiphaik comes with basic tools like a hammer and screwdrivers, as well as a roadside emergency kit that has jumper cables, tire repair tools, gloves, and even a shovel. One customer called it “an essential item for your car,” while another wrote, “A little bit of everything in one kit for unexpected emergencies. Great present to buy for someone. You never know when you’ll need to use it.”

Buy It: Haiphaik Roadside Tool Kit, ($45, Amazon)

Best for Bike: XCH Robots Bicycle Tool Kit

Avid bicyclists know that taking your bike to a repair shop every time there’s an issue can be expensive and inconvenient. That’s why so many love this handy bike tool kit from XCH Robots. It comes with just about every tool you will ever need for at-home bike repairs. In addition to a mini bike pump, the toolset is equipped with glueless patches, a spoke wrench, and a tire lever. Even better, it comes with a compact carrying case that can be attached to your bike, so you can easily fix problems that might occur while you’re out on a ride. “Well, this was a pleasant surprise find,” said one shopper. “A small variety of tools, that cover every need I would have on my bike, so unless you’ve got some crazy custom stuff going on, it’s likely this will cover your needs as well. Overall, great value for the price.”

Buy It: XCH Robots Bicycle Tool Kit, $25 (originally $33), Amazon

Best Affordable Option: Cartman 39-Piece Tool Kit

If you’re looking for a home tool kit that comes with more than just the basics and won’t break the bank, check out this Cartman option. Not only is it a best-seller on Amazon, but it also has nearly 13,000 five-star ratings. The toolset comes with 39 pieces that have been heat-treated and chrome-plated to prevent rusting and corrosion. The hardshell carrying case is durable and lightweight and is specially designed so each tool has its own dedicated spot. One shopper called it “perfect for the price,” before adding, “it’s a nice selection of tools with good quality. It’s easily portable and the case doesn’t come undone. I recommend this product for anyone looking for their first household tools, portability, quality, and/or low pricing.”

Buy It: Cartman 39-Piece Tool Kit, $20 (originally $21), Amazon

Best High-End Option: Tuffiom Aluminum Trolley Tool Kit

If you’re looking to invest in a high-end home tool kit, check out this 799-piece option from Tuffiom. It’s got four trays full of tools, ranging from professional-grade wrenches and screwdrivers to pliers and hammers. It also comes with an aluminum trolley case with wheels and a telescopic handle, so you can easily transport the kit anywhere you need to go. Shoppers love that it has unexpected tools like scissors, a glue gun, insulating tape, and a ruler level. “Great toolset for the home,” wrote one reviewer. “This toolbox has all the tools we use in one spot. With a household of people who constantly fail to return tools to the toolshed, this is perfect where I can lock it!”

Buy It: Tuffiom Aluminum Trolley Tool Kit, ($112, Amazon)

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