The 18 Best Handcrafted Incense Holders of 2021

If you are all about that positive energy and euphoric fragrance all around you, you might want to consider lighting incense sticks. However, in order to properly hold the burning sticks, you have to have an incense holder that can safely hold the burning incense sticks while putting off euphoric energy and captivating smells around your space. 

An incense burner’s purpose is to contain burning incense and its ash. The most common type of incense holder is made from wooden planks and bamboo reeds in which the incense stick is placed inside a small hole that is curved at one end of the wooden holder. Many of these minimalist holders hold the incense sticks at an angle to allow the smoke to escape. Right now, Amazon has got some sweet deals on the best incense holders that you should take advantage of in 2021. All of them provide their own uniqueness and character, which is why we personally chose our favorite holders to recommend to you.

dragon backflow waterfall incense burner

The handmade incense burner is a beautiful work of art that calls attention to your home. It can be placed anywhere in the house, including the living room, bedroom, study, and so on. Once the cone begins burning, the smoke shows up as if it’s falling like a waterfall, and the thick smoke radiates as if it’s water, creating a mesmerizing and relaxing fountain effect. After the incense cone burns, yellow liquid and ash will remain on the body of the incense burner. This liquid will be removed from the burner with boiling water, and the stains will be easily removed from the burner. In addition to the burner, free will be sent to you ten cones of backflow incense to ensure you enjoy the purpose of igniting the cones.

NAGU 100{28ab41d673507bfe0daf970418d2e81f9476b3e139564442359ad7402c370b16} Handmade Ceramic Stick Incense Burner Holder

The incense burner is designed from elements of frogs and lotus leaves and depicts a small frog playing on a lotus leaf as the overall image is harmonious and natural. It could be used for the home, bedroom, office, or other room that one might think of. It can strengthen your body, provide oxygen to your lungs, and boost your mood throughout the day. This little frog has a hole in its hand into which the incense stick can be inserted. It is made from high-quality porcelain clay in Jingdezhen, China, and is carefully selected, as well as hand-shaped, fired at high temperatures to make the surface smooth and fine. The incense burner is good for both home decoration and gift-giving to friends who are interested in Chinese culture.

Ceramic Backflow Incense Holder

With this backflow ceramic incense holder, you can create a mysterious atmosphere. With a waterfall of smoke descending, we see the cone incense burner surrounded by smoke, looking great and mysterious. It allows you to get fresh air, sleep well, reduce anxiety, reduce fatigue, etc and is widely used in the office, living room, bedroom, and so on. Although it creates a pleasant atmosphere, it also works as an attractive decoration even with no incense involved. Ceramic incense burners are made with skillful craftsmanship in traditional style, using fine handcrafted techniques.

3 Pieces Lotus Plant Incense Holder

This is an incense burner made of quality aluminum alloy, which is solid and durable, as well as being aesthetically pleasing and durable. Incense can be stored in this walker, including Hem incense, Indian incense, Japanese incense, and so on. It can also be detached to use as an aroma stove or a candle holder. You can come up with more interesting combinations if you use your imagination. If you wish, you can get two pieces of lotus incense burners which not only hold a variety of different sized incense, but can also add beauty and elegance to your home, and can also make a thoughtful gift for friends or family. By combining this beautiful lotus leaf design with this message, it will bring them much joy, for the lotus symbolizes a pure spirit and a better life in oriental culture.

Grace Incense Burner Bamboo

You don’t need to clean up the ashes on the floor anymore since the hold will catch all the ashes. The Incense Holder is made out of bamboo, which was carefully chosen for its beauty and purity, as the storage box is well made to last a lifetime. It can help you cope with stress, meditate, sleep and reduce fatigue. The carving patterns can also serve as decor for a tea room, home, or any other place in your mind. The retro incense box can also serve as a special gift for your friends, since it is available in a variety of engraving patterns.

YKB Wooden Incense Stick Holder

This beautiful wooden incense stick holder is intended to accompany you and enhance your living space. Millettia Laurentii grows in the rainforests and contributes to the texture and fragrance of the incense burner, which has a deep texture with corrosion resistance. The kitties are made of high-quality ceramics by heating them to extreme temperatures, which makes them strong and highly resistant to fade. This stickholder for burning incense can be used for meditation, home, temples, churches, yoga studios, spas, and relaxing at home or wherever you want to burn incense. It comes in two sizes and nine holes to accommodate different kinds of incense like incense from India and hem incense from Japan.

Durable Zinc Alloy Incense Holder

This leaf incense holder has a smooth shape and a natural vein detail that looks like it was also made from natural leaves. The simple and pure design makes it perfectly suited for any place and doesn’t take up much space. The incense burner’s bottom is flat to prevent it from wobbling or scratching the table that it may be placed on. When you place an order, you are guaranteed to receive three incense burners, a leaf, a snail and a spider. The leaf has a hole on the tail that allows you to angle the stick at 35 degrees, enabling you to use the snail and the spider on the leaf or manage it in another manner. The leaf incense holder has such a long length and depth that it perfectly holds up the incense stick and allows all the ash to fall into the cup beneath.

Kingsglen 100{28ab41d673507bfe0daf970418d2e81f9476b3e139564442359ad7402c370b16} Natural Coil Incense

This natural incense coil helps with stress relief, sleep, air purification, and odor elimination. It is widely used across a diverse array of places, such as homes, cafes, hotels, hospitals, and more. This natural coil incense with coils is made with natural plant oils and is extremely fragile. Therefore, it should be handled with great care when you’re removing it.

CALMVEDA Chakra Incense Stick Holder

Are you tired of incense ash falling on the counter? This chakra incense holder is the perfect one for you. Why burn a hole in your pocket when this cool stick holder was created to work with all incense sticks, cones, and palo santo sticks. This incense burner is also an absolute must-have for the living room, with its novel design and well-painted chakra. This holder is made with love and care by Indian traditional artisans from metal chakra healing incense. Use the Chakra holder while you meditate or do yoga to focus on each Chakra for couple of minutes daily, which will promote relaxation. And it’s also an exceptional spiritual and meditation gift for family and friends.

TREELANCE Bamboo Incense Burner

This Incense Burner holds any stick incense and collects all the ashes so they do not become a mess. This is an excellent choice for a zen-room or sacred space. You can also use it as a housewarming present for someone who likes natural products. The Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which means beauty in imperfection, seems to sum up the charm of bamboo. Each bamboo skin is individually colored, grainy and flows differently, giving the user a perfect opportunity to connect to Mother Earth and the heart.

OJYUDD 3 Pack Brass Incense Holder

This brass incense burner contains a variety of incense holders and a removable design that gives you the convenience of removing the ash so you can clean it simply. In the bedroom, bathroom, yoga room, or anywhere that could use some decoration, this Incense can bring you a more peaceful and serene atmosphere. One set of Lotus sticks incense burner can make a great gift for your friends and family, so they can enhance their living space. Brass Lotus holder has an opening that cannot be closed tightly when it is stacked together.

White Sage Smudging Kit

This sage smudge kit is the perfect tool to enhance your intuitive abilities and center your spiritual compass. It is traditionally used for smudging and purifying negative energy, making it an excellent gift for everyone! With the kit, you’ll get a smudging set made from white sage, a smudging feather, and a 7-stone chakra bracelet that balances your energy wherever you go. All Sage is sustainably grown on private land and harvested with great care to preserve the sacred plants.

Natural Incense Ash Catcher

Enjoy the therapeutic effects of burning incense with this gracefully simple but lovely burner. Traditionally constructed from durable Padauk wood, the smoke emanating from designs with sacred geometry will leave you breathless. It comes with a hinge that allows for safe and clean burning and is foldable for easy storage and travel. This can be a thoughtful gift for birthdays, holidays, gifts, and more!

Summit & Reed Concrete Incense Holder

These incense trays support incense sticks slantwise and catch ash without taking up too much space. Included in the product is a natural finish with beautiful colors, plus a rustic two-tone design that highlights the natural patterns and tones in the concrete. Concrete provides a contemporary look that is durable. Appearances such as bubbles and bumps are part of concrete’s natural beauty and uniqueness, and are all visible during the production process. The bottom of the Summit and Reed Incense holders also come with non-skid rubber feet so there won’t be any accidents and your surfaces won’t be scratched. It looks great on your desk, dresser, coffee table, bedside table, or kitchen countertop!

Folkulture Incense Stick Holder

This is the perfect incense holder for catching all the ash so that no mess is left and to allow it to be easily emptied and cleaned. It is made for incense users with a high incense usage rate. The two holes on the ends of the stick holder allow the user to light and place two incense sticks at the same time, filling the surrounding air with aroma. You can also use the holder to burn cones or sage as it’s fire-resistant. This handmade wooden incense tray is elegantly crafted and beautifully painted, with a brown rustic finish and a beautiful hand-painted top. It looks stylish, elegant, antique, classy, and modern. It undoubtedly draws compliments for its beautiful, antique, and modern appearance. The incense emits positive chi which helps to stay calm and meditate peacefully as positive energy is released in your surroundings. It’s also an excellent modern housewarming gift as it can be used as potpourri dish holder to fill your house with pleasant aroma.

Terra Distribution Incense Holder Burner

This unique incense burner features the ability to burn both sticks and cones at the same time. Lovingly crafted in Japan, this sweet scent is a natural way to boost your spirits and keep you stress-free. The top part is designed so incense cones can burn without difficulty due to its uneven surface. For incense sticks, place sticks into animal’s hands so that they will look like fishing. This compact, lightweight, and versatile holder can be placed perfect on a desk, bedside table, kitchen counter, or even in your car. Travelers can also take along this incense stick holder in order to use it as a travel incense burner. 

K COOL Alloy Elephant Incense Holder Stand

This elephant incense burner helps with purifying the air, meditating and relaxing, relieving stress and improving sleep quality. Hand carved and polished out of zinc alloy, this elephant stand incense burner is suitable as an ashtray, jewelry box, or candle holder. It can use incense cones and organic citronella charcoal. This tabletop is an excellent choice for any room as it lends a decorative feel to any room, and is an ideal size to add a touch of decor to any table, bathroom, living room, bedroom, or anywhere you wish to use it.

Tomorotec Dual Use Stick Incense Burner

The black ceramic incense burner is perfect for burning incense and adding a relaxing look to any room. It is ideal for meditation, prayer, and general reflection since it will promote peace, promote relaxation, and decrease stress, tension, and anxiety. The burner can take different types of incense, including frankincense, sandalwood, sage, and more, where it can be used to cleanse negative energy and make your space sacred, elevating your meditative state. This clay censer has a brass cover and brass calabash incense holder, which can be used with incense sticks, cones, or flat coils. Incense is unfortunately not included in this particular product.

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