Summer tomato plants available now at Tomato Man’s Daughter | Home & Garden

Tomato Man's Daughter

Owner Lisa Merrell of Tomato Man’s Daughter shows off some of her heirloom plants.

The Tomato Man’s Daughter has reopened for those wanting to enjoy the taste of home-grown tomatoes in the fall.

The heirloom plant nursery, at 2515 W. 91st St., will be open 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday to Sunday through July 31, selling a wide range of heirloom tomato plants, as well as other vegetables and herbs.

“There are lots of advantages for planting in the summer,” said owner Lisa Merrell. “We have more consistent weather patterns, less disease and long, warmer days. We know that it is going to be hot and mostly dry in the months of July and August, causing less stress to young plants, and disease is much less likely to affect the new plantings.”

Merrell said summer plantings can also grow more quickly because of the long, summer days, and can product fruit into the late autumn months of October and November.

The tomato varieties selected for this summer sale were chosen because they have proved to be extremely productive and flavorful, Merrell said.

“Some varieties just go crazy in the fall,” she said. “Our customers have reported that they plant their larger tomato garden in July for fall harvest because it can be much easier to get results with less work.

The Tomato Man’s Daughter also sells such items as potting soil, fertilizers, pots, pest controls and more.