Special and unique cushions to give your living room a twist

The cushions can completely change the decoration of a sofa, and by extension, the room.

If you want to renovate the decoration of your living room and not spend huge and ostentatious amounts of money, there is a simple, creative and inexpensive way to do it.

The answer is easy and simple: using unique and special cushions, which are sure to give a 360 degree turn to the space where you place them.

The truth is that cushions are perfect to give a special touch to any room and in a simple way. There are them in cheerful colors, prints, hypnotics, embroidery, surely their multiple options will brighten up any corner of the house.

A touch of creativity

Decorating with cushions or pillows is a quick and cheap solution to give a new look to your living room or bedroom. We leave you some ideas to combine them and get it right:

The cushions can completely change the decoration of a sofa, and by extension, of your living room or main room.

A perfect combination is that of “Black and White” and with geometric figures. Always try to find the combination that best suits your decorating style so that there is harmony.

Cushions are a very traditional decorative element and are never lacking in homes.

They are very versatile objects, since you can put them on the sofa in the living room, on the bed in a bedroom, on the dining room chairs.

Any space in a home is a good place to place cushions. And the best way to be regionalist than with this cushion with the silhouette of the country, Mexico. People who visit you will surely love it.

For an eclectic and super chic look there are these cute “furry” cushions. A trend that was very fashionable in the 80s and that this year returns in interior decoration.

These cushions are soft, comfortable and a great focus of attention wherever you place them to decorate. They are perfect on a sofa.

Sequins never go out of style and why not use this material for cushions? If you are risky and you like originality, this is the best accessory for you. They are very elegant and in any space they will stand out for their beauty.

The combination of textured sheets on the cushions enchants everyone. They give a modern and exotic touch to your spaces, they are sure to transport you to the jungle.

Playing with colors, sizes, textures, patterns and even the placement and distribution of the cushions, allows us to change the look of any space.

Geometric figures are a successful combination on cushions.

Nothing like choosing a color duo. Like the one in this room, in which silver is the predominant color, brown with more presence. Both shades add warmth to the room.

The characters in the story and who you admire can also be a decorative element on the cushions.

Once you have your favorite character, it’s time to get down to work and give your living room or bedroom a new look by just changing the cushions.

In the children’s bedroom you can opt for cushions with bright colors or chromatic tones, even with different patterns.

Now, be careful not to go overboard, since you don’t have to turn his room into a real amusement park.

The finishes with indigenous figures or crafts also go well in the cushions, and above all they adapt perfectly to spaces with a rustic style. Simplicity is key for cushions to attract attention.

If you are a lover of the stars, mysticism, metaphysics or esotericism, this cushion model is ideal for you. It will give a unique, creative, mysterious and even original touch to the room where you place it to decorate.

The cushions as a good decoration object, adorn and beautify each space, but these functions are multiplied when you have a neutral tone sofa.

A bit of striking color in the cushions is essential and there is nothing better than this piece to bring that vitality to the spaces.

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