Squash plants and their fruits are enormous, sooner than expected. In my garden I keep missing the moment to pick the zucchinis when they are reasonable sizes, and now I have five 17-inch ones that may double as sledge hammers. (While not a cook, I have mastered zucchini parmigiana, with soups and bread soon to follow.)

And so many more gardeners’ stories …

• Hostas clearly loved all the water (if ONM, as in protection from slugs, snails and deer).

• Shrubs that are prone to powdery mildew definitely showed the white, powdery fungus disease (ninebarks especially), but in other seasons the same plants won’t develop it.

• Roses include too many kinds to generalize, but if they are prone to black spot or powdery mildew, this would be the year for it. (The humidity levels over extended periods increase the likelihood of many fungus diseases for many kinds of plants.)

• Trees everywhere, unless attacked by some serious pests, generally received the deep, ample rainfall they required to produce roots and leaves – making up for an early drought period and possibly years of neglect.

In short, every yard and garden is its own microclimate with its own site, soil and gardener. Depending on the ONM – whether other needs were met – many plants have had a marvelous summer so far. Now, pay attention, and meet their needs.