Rising Design Star Embraces Street Fashion in His Striking Furniture

Crosby Studios, the brainchild of rising design star Harry Nuriev, has established Crosby Studios Home, a collection of expressive home goods and loungewear.

Nuriev has made a name for himself through collaborations with fashion heavyweights Balenciaga, Valentino and Nike, as well as Rem Koolhaas OMA and contemporary artist Liam Gillick.

With New York City and Moscow as his base, the architect, artist and designer has garnered acclaim for his design aesthetic and understanding of contemporary culture. New York Times Magazine hailed him as a pioneering voice in global minimalism.

Nuriev says the debut collection for his home collection — which can be experienced in an innovative virtual showroom at HBX’s online store that incorporates gaming software and augmented reality technology — captures “what we truly crave when we enter spaces: comfort and stimulation, clarity and calm, and a sexy personal story.”

Indeed, on the website home page the viewer can peruse an urban style apartment in a 3-D tour. The color and simplicity of the collection belies a mature esthetic, trending more toward a youthful design enthusiasm.

“There are so many people who are obsessed with street style,” Nuriev tells Forbes. “Why would we move away from our closets and not dress our apartments in the same way? The fashion-to-home style is a very interesting dialog I’m having between fashion and furniture. I hope next year will be a very interesting year for collaborations.”

Offerings include small home furnishings from velour dining chairs to rugs shaped like giant socks and shopping bags, and casual wear including overcoats, fleece jackets and sweats, faux fur and terry cloth-clad notebooks, as well as aromatherapy candles, soaps, glassware, lounge chairs, floor lamps and more.

Both are available through HBX‘s online store.

The collection is bold, soft and oddly inviting, blurring the line between art and design.