Real estate agent forced to apologise for advice to ‘single ladies’

A blog on an Australian real estate website targeting single females buying property has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

The blog titled ‘Buying as a single lady’ was published on Bathurst Real Estate’s website and promptly removed after backlash on social media claimed the post was “sexist” and “misogynistic”.

The piece seemed to start off on a positive note, empowering single females who are buying property: “You’re a single lady and you’re content not (to) have a ring on your finger”. But it then took a sharp turn that angered many people online.

“You may prefer the emotional and financial back-up of a spouse,” the post reads.

'Buying as a single lady' a blog post on Bathurst Real Estate website which has since been removed.
The blog post ‘Buying as a single lady’ was published on Bathurst Real Estate’s website and swiftly removed after a fierce backlash. Source: Facebook

Blog accuses women of ‘going wild’ when buying a home

The article continues suggesting single women can “go wild when buying” as they are “responsible only for themselves” however, it cautions that females “are well known for reasoning with their hearts, not their heads – and many of us love to nest.”

Women are then warned buying property can go wrong “especially if there is no man beside you to offer logic to the situation”.

It then advises women should spend a maximum of 30 per cent of their after-tax income on a mortgage and links to an online calculator to help work out that number along with the advice – “whatever you do, stand by this number (rather than a man)”.

The post ends on the assumption that as a single woman, a property is potentially the biggest financial decision one can make.

“And as a single lady, the ring is on your finger when finding your dream home.”

Post slammed as ‘so misogynistic it’s almost comical’

Bathurst Real Estate swiftly removed the post from their website and issued an apology on Facebook, before also deleting the page, but that hasn’t stopped screenshots of the original post from flooding social media.

“This is so misogynistic it’s almost comical,” one woman who reposted the article on Facebook wrote.

“Thanks so much for this super helpful blog post Bathurst Real Estate! I can’t wait for your next post on ‘Buying as a Single man’, Oh wait…

“Next time I go to purchase anything I’ll be sure to bring a man with me to both pay for it and also offer logic, because as you said, women are well known for not using their head and I guess none of us have any money of our own!” the bemused woman continued.

Bathurst Real Estate Agent apology for the blog post
Bathurst Real Estate’s apology for the blog post. Source: Facebook

“This is the most offensive piece of s**t I have ever read,” another person wrote.

“Holy s**t it had never occurred to me that buying a property would represent a big proportion of my hard work and savings! I thought it would be like buying a new eyebrow pencil or baking a cake!” another woman wrote sarcastically.

“Does this mean that me and my partner aren’t able to buy a house because we are both women and don’t know how to use our heads?” a user asked.

Men also seemed to be equally offended by the article.

“I think they need a new password… surely this has got to be a hack from a sacked staff member,” one man suggested.

A man and a woman standing in front of a 'sold' house sign.
The post published on Bathurst Real Estate’s website advises single women they may need a male partner when buying property to ‘offer logic’. Source: Getty

Real estate claims post written by a woman

In their apology Bathurst Real Estate claimed the blog post was written by a female from a content marketing agency who was outsourced to create content.

The real estate agent apologised for any offence that was caused, claiming the article had gone live without their knowledge and they removed it as soon as they were aware of it.

Bathurst Real Estate spokesperson Anastasia Whittaker told NCA NewsWire all blog posts on the website are outsourced from agency The Real Estate Voice.

The Real Estate voice were also apologetic when approached by Yahoo News Australia for comment.

“We apologise for any offence caused by the blog ‘Buying as a Single Lady’,” a spokesperson for the agency said.

“The post, written by a freelance contributor, represented her personal experience and does not reflect the views of our business or that of our business partners.”

A female holding the house keys to property she just purchased.
The blog post suggested females ‘are well known for reasoning with their hearts, not their heads’. Source: Getty

New blog targeting a new stereotype

The next blog from the agency appears to make assumptions about another stereotype – young adults with ‘How to manage your first move from home’.

The blog, written by an unknown author seems to paint those still living with parents in their mid 20s as unable to do basic housework and are financially unstable people who stay out all night while living off junk food.

“Hopefully, these more mature years will mean they’re working to pay rent to their parents, can do their own laundry and cook basic meals,” the post reads.

“Having the freedom to stay out all night is brilliant. But when you collapse on your bed after a party, think about who owns that bed?”

However if you have “smart” enough parents, the blog assures you that you will be fine.

“Smart parents will have trained you well when it comes to cooking, cleaning and laundry because two-minute noodles, an overflowing laundry basket and messy rooms are only OK for so long.”

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