Pocket Camp & 4 Other GREAT Mobile Design Games

There are a LOT of mobile games that let players design homes and yards. These five stand out as highlights of the mobile design genre.

Design games can offer players a chance to put together their perfect homes. With the rise in popularity of HGTV and similar home renovation shows, fans may want to try and take a stab at doing their own design work on a yard or home. There are plenty of PC games that focus on simulating just that, but there’s also something to be said for taking that kind of creative expression on the go.

These five mobile games manage to balance the typical mobile gaming design choices with satisfying and creative gameplay. There are a lot of mobile design games available on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, further showing just how popular these types of games have gotten. Here are five of the best home design games available on mobile devices.

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1. Home Design: Caribbean Life

A lot of mobile design games combine the genre with another wildly popular type: Match-3 puzzle games. Most of these titles are unfortunately riddled with tons of in-app purchases. The Home Design series doesn’t fall into this trap, managing to balance the two gameplay styles. Home Design: Caribbean Life happens to stand out from the rest of the Home Design games due to its unique setting and its generally more positive reviews.

The Google Play Store reviews say that while the game does offer fairly standard in-app purchases, they don’t really come into effect until very late into the game’s 1000+ levels. The home and yard design elements don’t take a backseat to the match-3 gameplay either, as it’s treated as more of a mini-game that unlocks new types of furniture for players to decorate with. Home Design: Caribbean Life is probably one of the best mobile design games that follow a more standard formula.

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2. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp keeps true to Nintendo’s long-running town simulation series by putting creativity first. The main goal of Pocket Camp is to design a camp for villagers that matches their interests. In short, its gameplay gets right to the point of design games. Creativity and expression are the main focus of Pocket Camp.

One of the best things about Pocket Camp is that the in-app purchases are really only there for the collectors who want to get every single furniture item in a set. For the players who just want to design a cozy campsite, the various reviews for the game make it clear that spending real money is nowhere near necessary. Cozy is a great word to describe Pocket Camp, since the charming art style and friendly in-game characters give this free game a warm and cozy feel.

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3. Design My Room

Design My Room is an interior design game at its core, and doesn’t have a match-3 mini-game. Reviewers praise the design-focused gameplay but note that the in-app purchases can become required to progress much earlier than most games. Design My Room‘s series of challenges may eventually require players to spend money, but once they do, they’ll find that the kinds of furniture and styles they have access to greatly increase.

4. Adorable Home

Much like Animal Crossing: Pocket CampAdorable Home has an incredibly charming and cute art style. Not only can players buy new furniture for their adorable home, but they can even complete little tasks around their home to make it feel much more lived-in. Designing other people’s homes is the main focus of the other design games on this list. Adorable Home is a nice change that helps make the design elements feel a little more personal.

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5. House Flipper

If House Flipper sounds somewhat familiar, it may be because the Steam version of this game received quite a bit of praise when it released. The free mobile port of House Flipper is a bit more limited than the Steam version, but still captures the core gameplay of renovating and redesigning homes. House Flipper‘s mobile experience offers a total renovation experience unlike most other design games on mobile devices.

The one major downside to House Flipper is the in-game currency system. Many players in the Google Play Reviews mention that, without spending real money, it’s only really possible to play the game for a short period of time before players run out of Flip Coins. The limited experience is certainly unfortunate, but House Flipper‘s total experience is still worth checking out for Android users.

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