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For those times when you’re simply looking to add warmth and ambience to space instead of scent, you’ll be happy to have a few pillar candles in hand. Pillar candles can be crafted in any kind of wax, ranging from paraffin and soy to beeswax, and each material has their own pro and cons. Beeswax candles have the longest burn time and paraffin wax candles are easy on the pocket. Soy wax candles are a sustainable choice as they are made from a vegetable source. Pillar candles with their chunky and tall shapes provide a convenient option for decoration as they do not need a candle stand. When chosen thoughtfully, as per a theme, pillar candles can bring some colour, light, and ambience to your space. Pillar candles are great for bedrooms, halls, pathways, gardens as they add a stylish vibe to an area with minimal effort and expense. Check out our recommendations of pillar candles:

These candles are perfect for setting up a romantic dinner setting. With round rosettes accentuating the candle all-over, they are also perfect for creating an intimate setting in the bedroom. These candles measure 10.5 cm in height. The candles are scented with rose fragrance and are also smoke-free.

These candles have a burn time for 12 hours.

This candle in white is unscented and would be perfect for decoration. This candle can be placed on console tables, coffee tables, garden walls and more. The candle would provide a smokeless flame and it has a burn time of 20 hours. The candle measures 15.2 cm in height.

This candle is made from paraffin wax.

These decorative candles are perfect for a festive setting. The candles can be used for birthday parties, anniversaries and any other gathering. This set of candles would also be great as a gift. The candles come in graded sizes and the smallest candle measures 3 by 3 inches; medium-size candle measures 3 by 4 inches and the tallest candle measures 3 by 6 inches.

These candles have gold-dust finish that looks luxurious and glamorous.

These candles carry the fragrance of jasmine and are a perfect pick for Indian homes. The white candles can be used for both decoration and fragrance during evening hours in balconies and patios.

The candles have a height of 2.5 inches.

Scented with decadent fragrances of Oudh and sandalwood, this pillar candles will certainly fill your home with a delicious smell and warm lighting. This candle has a burn time of 22 hours and would be perfect for decoration and other festive purposes.

This candle is infused with essential oils.

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