“Painting of Asia with Heart” Season 4

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 7 (ANI / NewsVoir): As the lockdown year ended, the terms “sanctuary” and “safe haven” were no longer metaphorical when describing relationships with homes. The definition of a home and the meaning of spending time with a loved one has changed dramatically over the past year due to the increased amount of time spent indoors. Season 4 of “Paintings of Asia with the Heart” explored the dynamics between celebrities and their homes in different lives, with a unique focus on personal decoration.

This season’s views and engagement exceeded 110 million, an increase of 17% over its predecessor. The original web series is a serious attempt to bring viewers closer to their favorite celebrities and is highly regarded for introducing their personal space and decorative sensibilities.

Large Kumar Lao, Shankar Mahadevan, Smriti Mandana, Tamanna Bertia, Anita Dongre, Platique Kuhad, Shakti Mohan, Mukti Mohan and more will be on display in Season 4 of “Paintings of Asia with the Heart” I opened the door and got a glimpse of who they were. Off-screen and out of field. The show also touched on the beauty of relationships and how they can be strengthened by sharing love for the family. For example, Bollywood’s dark horse, Large Kumar Lao, knew that his home was his own when he felt connected to his home the moment he crossed the threshold. The time and effort that the music genius Prateek Kuhad spent on decorating the house gave him a sense of belonging. From inspiring children to seize bold opportunities in their choice of decoration to bringing a sense of calm to their presence, for music maestro Shankar Mahadevan and fashion Anita Donle’s Zalina, each house is different. It has meaning. However, a feeling common to all celebrity homes is a family that includes a four-legged companion. The new season captures the real and warm space of a real celebrity home. Their home is a space that resonates deeply with them and reflects their true self.

Season 4 also introduced new elements to the show, including stories of celebrities and the richer decoration of their homes. The space-first approach allows viewers to see more of their favorite star homes. Whether it’s a bold change that reflects the confidence of the decoration or a minor choice that gives a glimpse of a personal experience, this season has also brought a new and exciting side to enthusiastic fans. Lucky viewers won special souvenirs belonging to celebrities in each episode through a contest on the Asian Paints website.

The legacy of “Painting in Asia” lies in the reality that the show has always been a sense of discovery for viewers. Through simple colorful walls, unique collections, or carefully selected decorative elements, the show brought various homes across the country to life and set a true visual benchmark for this space. Asian Paints introduced 29 homes and 34 celebrities have gained more than 360 million views and engagements over the past four years, creating a strong connection between the show and the consumer. Seasonally, Asian paint brings a well-known personality in different disciplines with a unique uniqueness and a clear connection to the home. And in each episode, viewers witness who their personality is and how they infuse their relationships with decoration.

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