On the House: Sophie Heawood’s Property Binge. This week, homes for sale owned by famous writers

The homes of famous writers are always good for a nosey, to see the environments in which our greatest minds used to sit to write. That’s dead writers, of course – if it’s living writers, you’ll just be looking at the home offices where writers sit and get RSI from refreshing their retweets column and wondering whether they timed that last tweet badly because surely it should have done bigger numbers than that and would it be gauche to retweet oneself in the morning for additional likes? 

So here are five homes once lived in by some very great minds, who could afford to buy these houses, because they were able to write hundreds of books, because they died before the invention of Twitter. Or because they inherited the money. Either way. Look! 

Agatha Christie’s house in Oxfordshire, £2.75m, Savills

Agatha Christie house

(Image credit: Savills)

Agatha Christie actually had several houses, and my personal favourite is Greenway in Devon, where she used to go and rest after finishing a book, and which can now be visited by the public. But this place in Oxfordshire, called Winterbrook, is where she spent many decades writing the books. And it’s for sale!