Swimming Pool Design

New Concord planning new community swimming pool

NEW CONCORD — New Concord is inching closer to designing a new community swimming pool.

Community members gathered for a workshop at village hall Thursday night to go through what the options are for a new pool. The architectural firm tasked with the design, MSA Design, led the meeting and received input on what people would like to see.

It was the second of three meetings to gather input from the community. Input from the last meeting already established it will be a recreational pool, not one that would accommodate competitive swimming.

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But it’ll be a while before New Concord residents can expect to take a dip.

There’s no timeline set for a start date on construction, but Mayor Jennifer Lyle estimates it’ll likely be three to five years before a pool would be ready for the public.

Architectural firm MSA Design offered three possible designs for what a new swimming pool in New Concord might look like. The firm met with members of the community Thursday night to pin down what amenities they'd like to see in a neighborhood recreational pool.

A new pool would be constructed on the site of the current, 60-year-old community pool on John Glenn School Road. It’s expected to cost around $3 million to $4 million. It would be open to anyone, not just village residents.

“From the first meeting, (we found) for a good, decent community pool, (the firm) feels it’ll be $3 to $4 million,” Lyle said. “This is a project we will keep moving forward, it doesn’t stop at the design.”