Modern Trends In Texan Ranch Home Design

Since the start of the millennium, celebrities (think Matthew McConaughey, Patrick Dempsey, and Taylor Kitsch) have shown the extent to which ranch-style living wields significant

demand in the real estate sector.

Major trends such as sustainability, the wish to live near nature, and the love of natural, sustainable materials has led high-end purchasers to embrace a life that is close to the land and animals; one that prompts home dwellers towards a more active pace of pace of life. The popularity of life on a Texas ranch among high-net-worth purchasers, in turn, has led to a modernization of ranch living, with new features that make home life more practical, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing. Just a few popular trends are listed below.

Blending Rustic And Transitional Pieces

Ranches are known for the warmth of their interiors, with traditional materials such as wood holding sway in features such as wooden-beamed ceilings and brick, but designers are giving spaces a transitional touch by blending these features with modern pieces. These include geometric and art deco coffee tables, one-off designer chairs, gray stone slab columns and walls in lieu of red brick, and the use of flat, aged, tri-colored wood for features such as headboards or statement walls. Indeed, modern ranch homes in Texas often boast unexpected combinations, such as wooden beamed ceilings with flat concrete slabs that sustain designer Italian pendant lights, hanging at uneven lengths over an Italian marble kitchen island.

Sustainable Living

Sustainability is a big trend in architecture in design, with modern ranches going much further than simply embracing renewable energies. Current strategies include building homes in line with the existing topography (so as to capture passive solar heat in cooler months), the use of sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood, and the use of straw bale (a by-product of the agricultural sector that boasts insulation and thermal properties). Additional features in modern ranches include rainwater tanks (which fully supply a home with its water needs), VOC-free paints and stains in interiors (for better air quality), low flow water fixtures, and large shaded porches to protect dwellers from the intense summer heat of states like Texas.

Blended Textures

Modern ranches are embracing a host of different textures, which together give homes a current yet warm feel that inspires comfort and relaxation. Combinations of textures provided by materials such as metals, mood and marble result in a visual feast that harks back to influences from various eras for a new definition of ‘home’. Metals, too, are mixed. Thus, within the one space, the perfect complements for wood may include copper-hued lighting, silver bar stools, and yellow gold accent pieces.

The modern ranches of Texas are making the most of features such as high ceilings and natural light to celebrate the beauty of living close to nature. Just a few trends being seen in modern ranch constructions include transitional design, sustainability, and blended textures. Nature and wood still take a starring role, but are complemented perfectly by unusual material choices that work together to provide warmth and a touch of artistry to the dream ranch.