Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Feb. 14, 2021


Alicia Horning, Philip S. Scoville and Alicia Scoville to Stephen A. Bennett and Courtney M. Bennett, 71 Florida Drive, $299,900.

Brenda Gooch to Rosa F. Contrino, 10 Mansion Woods, Unit H, $182,900.

Kathleen A. Lenehan to Top Notch Transitional Services Provider LLC, 22 Silver St., $127,000.

Kimberly Brantley, Jennifer Mason and Wendy Davis to Tyler Burnham, 39 Robin Ridge Drive, $335,888.

Maa Property LLC, to Olga Arbuzov, 38 Depalma St., $279,900.

Randy E. McCausland, estate, Susan McCausland, representative, and Margaret M. McCausland to Deborah A. Senk, Richard P. Senk and Nicole Habiger, 483 North Westfield St., $245,051.

Top Notch Transitional Services Provider LLC, to Papaoutai Realty Trust, trustee of, and Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, 22 Silver St., $165,000.

Samantha Gelinas to Agawam Rentals LLC, 82-84 High St., $300,000.

Susan E. Smith and Nicholas B. Smith to Delanie Sapelli and Anthony Manzi Jr., 55 Wilbert Terrace, $410,000.


Joseph C. Mawson and Julia S. Mawson to Julia S. Mawson, 1299 Bay Road, $100.

Robert N. Pollin, personal representative, James E. Pollin, personal representative, David M. Osnos, personal representative, Irene Sue Pollin, estate, and Irene S. Pollin, estate, to Garrett F. Bouton, trustee, Diana D. Bouton, trustee, and Bouton Revocable Trust, 6 Evening Star Drive, $1,380,000.

Paul DiBenedetto, trustee, and Paul DiBenedetto Revocable Trust to Kyle Busacker and Rachel J. Hall, 236 Aubinwood Road, $615,000.

David H. Nielsen, trustee, and Nadine E. Shank Trust to Thomas B. Baker III, 5 Burgundy Lane, $435,000.


Redwood Properties LLC, to Costas Mathews, 6 Jackson St., $165,000.

Jessica L. Spencer, personal representative, Gordon Albert Newell, estate, and Gordon A. Newell, estate, to Santos F. Rosario Gonzalez and Rosa E. Bermudez, 9 Charter Drive, $270,000.

Belchertown Historical Association to Marc B. Moro, 16 Maple St., $295,000.


Gardener F. Merritt and Lesley A. Merritt to Chester A. Phillips, 924 Brattleboro Road, $290,000.

Michael J. Holden and Tracey K. Holden to Kristie M. Timberlake and Claudia Vearling, 631 Fox Hill Road, $400,000.


Christopher Barrett, representative, and Catherine T. Barrett, estate, to James R. Smith and Teresa M. Smith, 36 Seventh St., $25,000.


David Arfa, B. Kim Ersley, Justin T. Loughry and Leah McGarry-Morris to Andrew M. Achenbach and Emily J. Devoto, State Street and 16 Wilde Road, $77,000.

Dennis F. Patterson, Cynthia M. Weeks and Patricia K. Weeks to Anya L. MacMillan and Scott L. MacMillan, 2 Charlemont Road, $517,000.


Timothy J. Fazio to Madison E. Roccio and Issac N. Sisum, 400 Legate Hill Road, $210,000.


Atlantica LLC, to Jie Yan Luo, 664 Route 20, $54,900.


Thomas E. Dawson-Greene and Tracy L. Dawson-Greene to Amber L. Spiess, 62 Willcutt Road, $270,000.

Helene Steiner Copp to Seth Wenger, 668 Main Road, $25,000.


Amber L. Diederich, Amber L. Boutin and Todd M. Diederich Jr., to Patricia Hart, 153 Vadnais St., $310,000.

Christina R. Hemond, Anna A. Hemond and Kevin Lareau to Anabel Vargas, 20 Alfred St., $250,000.

Clark E. Matthews and Linda A. Matthews to Samet Ozturk, 295 Britton St., $189,900.

Cynthia A. Conklin, Therese A. Webster, Vivian J. Moreau, Thaddeus R. Wegrzyn Jr., Roger Conklin and Suzanne Wegrzyn to Daniel R. St. Cyr, 23 Francis St., $249,900.

Deborah A. Lunney, representative, and Richard G. Daviau, estate, to Duncan Daviau, 581 Springfield St., $250,000.

Grandview Development Associates LLC, to Eric A. Ciecko and Holly I. Riendeau, Sycamore Lane, $400,000.

John W. Walz and Sherry R. Walz to Kenney Commercial Group LLC, 33 Grattan St., $425,000.

KV Properties LLC, to PAF Irrevocable Trust, 310 Front St., $819,000.

Lori J. Page and Lori J. Carrion to Lisa Munoz and Leighann Novotney, 9 Post Road, $170,000.

Marcia A. Lussier, representative, Don E. Lussier, estate, and Gary G. Lussier to Giovannie Luna and Adelaida Santiago, 181 Granby Road, $280,000.

Mark S. Walas and Mark J. Walas to DCL Property Management LLC, 185 Chicopee St., $30,000.

Michael Breor and Brianna K. Breor to Round Two LLC, 21 Depot St., $115,000.

N. Riley Development Inc., to Jonathan R. Ash, 63 Fredette St., $405,000.

Oleksandr O. Barynov to Pierre J. Saintilus, 563-565 Springfield St., $255,000.

Stephanie A. Pelland to Alisha Lillie Lugo, 48 Edgewood Ave., $216,000.

Student Builders Inc., to Michael Bogdanovich, 43 Grace St., $257,500.

Victoria Tokarev to Nawar Tifour and Ayman Al Serafi, 77 Meadow St., $195,000.


North River LLC, to Norman Ward and Sandra Ward, High Street, $1,000.

Wells Nominee Trust, Meryl Beth Wells, trustee, to Dennis F. Patterson and Cynthia M. Weeks, 318 North Green River Road/381 North Green River Road, $297,500.

Heather E. Garey, “aka” Heather E. Sonn to Lisa J. Genetelli, 4 Avery Hill Road, $183,000.


Ellen MacLeish Zale to David Clark and Molly Lynch, 54 Maple St., $245,000.

East Longmeadow

Angela R. Tassinari to Samuel Wheaton and Sydney Dargie, 51 Scantic Drive, $245,000.

Brandy Magdalino to Janet P. Hemond, 61 Wood Ave., $210,000.

Elizabeth D. Canavan to Katherine C. Wheaton and Ryan A. Wheaton, 55 Glynn Farms Drive, $100.

HSB Investments LLC, to Brittanie L. McGregor, 126 Westwood Ave., $300,000.

John J. Kelly IV, and Jessica Anne Kelly to Marisa Harris Anthonis and Matthew Anthonis, 8 Auburn St., $376,500.

Luke Paull to Suzette Santiago, 131 Dwight Road, $205,000.

Thomas R. Reilly and Katherine M. Reilly to Aaron L. Duncan, 64 Merriam St., $214,000.


John M. Fish to Michael P. Keeney, 11 Union Court, $295,000.

Aubuchon Realty Co., Inc., to Peter J. Houser, trustee, Philip J. Houser, trustee, and 906-908 Belmont Realty Trust, 168 Northampton St., $1,088,871.

John R. Copen, trustee, and Herman R. Copen Revocable Trust to Zoe Megan Johnson and Scott Blanchard Johnson, 53-55 Emerald Place, $370,000.

Shirley N. LaValley and Steven M. LaValley, attorney in fact, to Charles W. Dunham and Liana M. Carrico, 19 Deerfield Drive, $283,000.


Kristie M. Timberlake and Claudia Vearling to Eve J. Brown-Waite and John F. Waite, 46 Mountain Road, $450,000.


Robert M. Abrams and Frances R. Abrams to Annah N. Abrams, trustee, Joshua M. Abrams, trustee, and Abrams Family Trust, 36 West Shore Drive, $100.


Susan Javarauckas, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of Patricia Miller to Mark Jackson, 158 Taylor St., $212,000.

Alfred L. Martin to Anne-Marie Smith and Vankipuram S. Raghavan, 56 Harris St., $340,000.


Thomas A. Laptew, Cynthia C. Cowles and Cynthia C. Cowels to Jeffrey C. Maceyka and Annmarie Maceyka, 75 Old Westfield Road, $155,000.


Christopher H. Martenson to Jorge Alberto Vasquez Quintanilla and Mayra Carolina Escobar Quintanilla, 30 River St., $246,500.

Deborah Katz to Douglas Simon, 19 Prospect St., $105,000.

Carmela Semonelli to Lauren A. Romag and Jeffrey W. Whitney, Cherry St., $300,000.


John R. Simon, trustee, Matthew Simon, trustee, and Sidney B. Simon Trust to Rosemund LLC, 45 Old Mountain Road, $310,000.

Kathleen M. Iles to Joseph F. Cebula, 118 Bay Road, $306,000.


Ellen M. Noreen to Matthew Phaneuf and Jessica Phaneuf, King Street, $135,000.

Michael J. Lyons to Jeffrey C. Zgrodnik, Linseed Road, $6,500.

Jeffrey C. Zgrodnik to Richard J. Ross and Dorothy J. Ross, 151 Elm St., $330,000.


Heather A. Marquis and Julia K. L. Marquis to Edward James Costello IV, and Kristine Costello, Mohawk Estates/Modoc Street, $10,000.

Dawud Abdallah Estate, Tabari S. Abdallah, personal representative, to Jennifer Smith and Michael Smith, 142 Colrain Stage Road, $3,300.


Jennifer Nardone, Jennifer Foreman and Christopher Foreman to James W. Leaming II, 33 Leno Road, $179,900.


1900 Capital Trust III, trustee of, and U S Bank Trust, trustee, to Amer Ahmed, 348 West Franklin St., $150,000.

Amer Ahmed to Allan E. Nolan II, and Michelle Inez Medina, 1000-1002 Hampden St., $262,650.

Damaris Santiago Martinez and Damaris Santiago Camacho to Javier A. Villa Hernandez, 46 Magnolia Ave., $258,000.

Douglas J. Fountain to Vanessa R. Farrell and Kirby Farrell, 2010 Northampton St., $185,000.

Germania Gonzalez to Motherflippers Realty LLC, 97 Newton St., $85,000.

Henry Varick Pelton to Paul David McBride and Linda Drury, 5 Canal St., $365,000.

Inna Sakhashchyk and Ina Ishchuk to Motherflippers Realty LLC, 154 Suffolk St., $97,000.

Karen L. Kleszczynski to Jared A. Herman and Elizabeth M. Burdeau, 41 Queen St., $286,000.

Matthew O. Baker, Arthur J. Baker and Kathleen M. Baker to Andrew Moreno, 37 Saint Kolbe Drive, Unit D, $89,900.

Posiadlosc LLC, to 121131 Clemente Holyoke MA LLC, 121-123 Clemente St., $1,350,000.

Pyramid Co. of Holyoke to E&R Realtor LLC, Whitney Avenue, $47,500.

Riverdale Equities LLC, to 33 34 Van Cort LLC, 5 Adams St., $1,100,000.

Stephen F. Donoghue to Ashley Figueroa and Zachary I. Rodriguez, Saint Kolbe Drive, Unit 40A, $128,750.


Francis Savage and Sarah Young to Patricia K. Mew, 104 Fairway Village, $263,000.


Albina M. Belisle to Vinod Hareendrannair and Diana Andrews, 14 Riverview Ave., $266,000.

Athena P. Pappas and William J. Robare to Brian E. Chiesi and Debora Chiesi, 447 Longmeadow St., $375,000.

Christina Ly and Alexander Ly Jr., to Rebecca S. Reiff and Zachary I. Reiff, 214 Captain Road, $380,000.

Deeba Ann Zaher and Harold Douglas Gray to Gerald Michael Foley Jr., and Mary Elizabeth Foley, 41 Roseland Terrace, $393,000.

Howard A. Goldberg and Anita B. Goldberg to Anthony Wayne Bunn and Monica M. Cole, 93 Wheelmeadow Drive, $560,000.

Kaaren M. Maloney and Mark J. Maloney to Zachary Kushner, 133 Lawnwood Ave., $120,000.

Lee Charles Hession, estate, and Jonathan W. Hession, representative, to Teresa C. Reppucci, 158 Edgewood Ave., $257,500.

Richard E. Spencer II, and Mary Ann Spencer to Raymond Louis Adams and Alyssa Schwenk Adams, 122 Ardsley Road, $835,000.


Alan J. Siok and Paula A. Siok to Victor Z. Swist, trustee, and Swist Family Trust, trustee of, Alden Street, $93,000.

Andrew Moreno to Michael A. Muzzy, 665 Center St., Unit 304, $200,000.

Jose Alves to Jennifer Lee Castro, 71 Crest St., $220,000.

Markez F. Cotto and Emma Collins to Jorge Jimenez Jr., 614 Moore St., $259,000.

Richard A. Thibeault and Maria A. Gomes to Antwain Bridges and Elizabeth Maza, 695 Chapin St., $315,000.

Stacy L. Pease, conservator, Alfred Manuel Carvalho, estate, and Alfred M. Carvalho, estate, to Nikolaus K. Schloesser, 76 Rood St., $291,500.

William N. Stoner, representative, Janice H. Stoner, estate, and Karen L. Stoner to Jordan A. Majane, 33 Morse St., Unit 3, $102,000.


Christopher P. Tranghese and Christopher Tranghese to Richard Keefe and Gretchen Keefe, 113 Thayer Road, $275,000.

Joan E. Roebuck and Paul A. Roebuck to Kevin P. Quirk, Pamela A. Quirk, Daniel W. Quirk and Mathew J. Quirk, Wilbraham Road, $80,000.

Property Advantage Inc., to David A. Robitaille Jr., 3 Woodridge Road, $230,000.

Four Seasons Realty Development LLC, to Cynthia Gleason, 308 Main St., $239,900.

Thomas M. Greene, Thiomas M. Greene and Michele P. Greene to Jarett K Greene and Kara E. Vicalvi, Paradise Lake Road, $170,000.


Derian M. Nerya, “aka” Derian M. Neyra, to Catherine Bryant and Craig Bryant, 4 Church St., $217,000.

William J. Doyle IV, to Katie R. Sabourin, 94 Turnpike Road, $269,900.

Jarad Weeks to Samuel I. Baker, 29 Greenfield Road, $335,000.

New Salem

Barbara L. Hawley to Timothy J. Fazio, 21 Stone Hill Road, $299,900.


Francis Savage and Sarah Young to Patricia K. Mew, 104 Fairway Village, $263,000.

Kathleen Radzikowski to Elena N. Frodema, 38 Leeno Terrace, $100.

Lane Construction Corp., Damon Lane LLC, North King St. Off, and Damon Road, $315,000.

Sarah S. Metcalf to Sarah S. Metcalf, trustee, and Metcalf Family Trust, 93 Bancroft Road, $100.

Joseph Whitman to Brian Sanders and Abigail, 267 Locust St., $143,000.

Mary M. Cahillane to Natalie Morin-Ryall, 23 Randolph Place, $195,000.


Norway Spruce Realty Trust, Michael L. Humphries, trustee, to Community Bible Church of Northfield Massachusetts, 105 Main St., $360,000.


Jason A. Zanga and Kathleen C. Zanga to Agbenyo Dika and Ivy Dika, 241 Walnut Hill Road, $245,900.


Brandon T. Moser and April L. Moser to Keith Stanley Karrmann Jr., 53 Commercial St., $174,900.

Patrick J. Cavanaugh to Branden P. Cavanaugh, 58 Olney Road, $345,000.


Marie A. Fisk and Gary P. Fisk to Frederick Fopiano, 146 Huntington Road, $325,000.

South Hadley

Jennifer L. O’Grady to Christopher A. Cote, 20 Mountainview St., $100.

Julie Ann McConnell and Julie A. Rondeau to Keith J. McConnell and Julie Ann McConnell, 16 Fairlawn St., $100.

Henry A. Fusari to Sally J. Poudrier and Kristen Roy, 89 Brainerd St., $100.

Kenneth C. LeBlanc and Jeannine A. LeBlanc to Homes by LeBlanc Inc., 86 Park St., $100.

Dorothy J. Ross, Dorothy J. Yagodzinski and Richard J. Ross to Kristen S. Gardner, Kristen Gardner and Andrew L. Kelly, 3 Eagle Drive, $485,000.

Kyle Joseph Levreault and Jennifer Marie Levreault to Christopher Kleeberg, 56 Old Lyman Road, $445,000.

Sylvia Ollmann to Susanne Ollmann, 9 Normandy Road, $100.

Susan A. O’Toole, trustee, Richard W. Adams Revocable Trust and Robert H. Adams to Brian J. O’Toole, 30 Alvord St., $275,000.

Russell F. DeGenza, Russell F. Genza, Day C. Degenza and Day C. Decou to Dean Richard Riel and Amanda Christine Ledwith, 99 Lyman Terrace, $470,000.


Thomas Quinlan Jr., to Christopher M. Buell and Karen J. Buell, 10 Fitch Farm Way, $685,000.

Paul E. Truehart and Darcy G. Truehart to Wendy Snape and Jeffrey Snape, 5 Strong Road, $305,000.

John O. Martin, trustee, Claire M. Martin, trustee, and John & Claire Martin Revocable Family Trust to Kelly Jean Light, 106 Clark St., $445,000.


Anthony F. Manzi Jr., and Delanie M. Sapelli to Christine Croteau, 81 Pleasant Drive, $235,000.

Doreen Dargon to Hamelin Framing Inc., 10 Sawgrass Lane, $130,000.

Marilyn A. Racine to Andrea J. Babbin, 145 South Longyard Road, $20,000.

RM Blerman LLC, to Rachel Marie Maxton and Thomas L. Jarest, 38 Mort Vining Road, $369,900.

Tyler Burnham to Tyler David Simmitt, 5 Evergreen St., $250,000.


180 Boston Road LLC, to Shelby Real Estate LLC, 178-180 Boston Road, $280,000.

613 LLC, to Omar Martinez-Albaladejo and Marany Rodriguez, 14 Parkside St., $210,000.

Abigail Rodriguez to Alefe Mark Phakos, 88 Jardine St., $194,900.

Andrew J. Witman to Carol Pennant, 372-274 Franklin St., $180,000.

Anelson Dela Cruz to Nelson Dela Cruz, 119-121 Johnson St., $175,000.

Anna R. Dellarea to William G. Smith, 24 Beechwood Ave., $100.

Antonio Aro to Brett H. Albert and Katelyn E. Kreider, 39-41 Cedar St., $270,750.

Augusto G. Crespo and Maria C. Crespo to Ana M. Alvarado, 24-26 Montgomery St., $273,000.

Bank Of New York Mellon, trustee, and CWABS Inc., Series 2006-2, trustee of, to Mario Tascon Sr., 105 Joan St., $171,000.

Barry S. Cady and Mirtha Davila to Narad M. Adhikari and Dhan M. Adhikari, 11 Laurelwood Lane, $266,500.

Binh T. Le to Tam T. Le and Truc T. Le, 124 Donbray Road, $330,000.

Brenda Blair and Brenda Michalczyk to Nasser Zebian, 61 Orlando St., $89,000.

Bretta Construction LLC, to Jullisses A. Perales and Natasha Emya, 281 Gilbert Ave., $405,000.

Brian J. Fitzgerald to Amy J. Barden, 139 Porter Lake Drive, $345,000.

Dawn P. Moriarty and Adam Aiken to Yamary Vazquez Salgado, 81 Emerson St., $192,000.

Deniz M. Kan to Jasmin Vazquez, 94 Fort Pleasant Ave., $220,000.

Diane Markham to William Sanchez, 40 Tulsa St., $200,000.

Emely Figueroa and Carlos A. Aquino to Lewis George Grant, 90 Mooreland St., $205,000.

Emtay Inc., to Carmen N. Nater-Valentin, 49 Merida St., $198,000.

George W. Andrews and Frances A. Andrews to Barbara Racine and Nicoletta Racine, 60 Aspen Road, $240,000.

Gilda M. Garcia to Joejoe Properties LLC, 25-27 Nye St., $153,000.

H&P Investments LLC, to Einer A. Argueta, 97-99 Prospect St., $222,000.

Hector E. Lorenzo to Julianny Ortiz-Diaz and Nilda Diaz-Camacho, 80 Alden St., $204,000.

Janice C. Frost to Kyle P. Houser and Mary Eb Houser, 1087a Dickinson St., $159,900.

Jennifer Lee Castro to Mary-Lynn R. Metivier and Steven A. Metivier, 53 Seneca St., $189,500.

Jerine Blissett Jr., and Melissa Blissett to William M. Collins and Julia M. Mckim, 282 Commonwealth Ave., $138,000.

John Piekutoski to Genevieve Construction Development Group Inc., 55 Bellevue Ave., $160,000.

Jordan Gilliam to Nichole M. Bourke, 47 Bither St., $250,000.

Kandice Boyd to Chrystopher D. Malone, 1114-1116 Liberty St., $200,000.

Blythewood Property Management LLC, to Samantha Clinton-Aimable, 55 Blodgett St., $230,000.

Golden Gates Realty Associates LLC, to Reinaldo J. Rivera and Justin Rivera, 53 Abbott St., $275,000.

Lynn Page, representative, and Joseph S. Roginski, estate, to Louis R. Bortolussi Jr., 28 Kazbeck St., $130,000.

Marie A. Hurley, representative, and Kathleen A. Dambrosio, estate, to Enid Y. Liberato, 97 Parkside St., $210,000.

Mario Tascon Sr., to Mars Real Properties Inc., 105 Joan St., $100.

Mark A. Pease and Marisa A. Pease to Charles Roosevelt Burgess Jr., 253-255 Mill St., $250,000.

Masjid Al-Tawheed to Handyflippers Inc., 464 Wilbraham Road, $67,800.

Michael J. Shaw, representative, and William D. Shaw, estate, to Wahid Uddin and Irfan Ud Din, 1542-1548 Carew St., $259,900.

Miguel Otero and Rosita Otero to Farrah Quiles-Mason, 386 Hancock St., $147,000.

Myrna Oquendo and Myrna M. Berrios to Raul O. Gomez, 293 Tyler St., $121,500.

Natalya Pavlichenko to Carol Pennant, 31 Leyfred Terrace, $230,000.

Omar Rivera to Omar Rivera and Alexandra M. Almonte, 115 Stockman St., $100.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., to Short4u Realty Trust, trustee of, and Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, 101 Stuart St., $161,999.

Plata O. Plomo Inc., to Loretta Heady, 195 Glenoak Drive, $235,000.

Renata J. Peloquin, Renata J. Gamache and Nicholas E. Gamache to Rebecca M. Feist, 259 Cuff Ave., $160,000.

Roger Letuno to Juan J. Guamarica and Julia Y. Chimborazo, 71 Wilbraham Ave., $80,000.

Salim Abdoo to Frank Ofori Boateng, 62-64 Dunmoreland St., $210,000.

Son Vo to Nguyen Thuy Tien Pham, 52 Euclid Ave., $190,000.

Susanne D. Osofsky to Mercy Hospital Inc., 299 Carew St., Unit 300, $241,780.

Suzanne E. Clewes to Deshia Ann Horton, 248 Nassau Drive, Unit 248, $129,900.

Therese S. Hastings to Milagros Rivera and Alfredo Vega, 50 Glencoe St., $210,000.

Thomas Vuong, Say Cun and Say Hai Cun to Jillian K. Rexford, 141 Forest Park Ave., $197,999.

U S Bank, trustee, and RMAC Trust Series 2016-CTT, trustee of, to B9 Industries Inc., 797 White St., $110,000.

U S Bank Trust, trustee, and Master Participation Trust LSF10, trustee of, to Ronilo Cailao Anglo, 203 Main St., $50,000.

Xaver A. Sierra to Emely Figueroa and Carlos A. Aquino, 34 Lorimer St., $295,000.


Francis Waltman to Luke Delisle, Woodchuck Hollow Road, $6,000.


Donna Brunelle to Christy M. Batungbacal, 17 Smith Ave., $208,000.

Ronald E. Ellithorpe to Coffey Hill Properties LLC, Coffey Hill Road, $100.

Randy J. Wessels and Carla Wessels to Michael Hackett and Lisa Marie Caissie, 246 Belchertown Road, $225,000.

Gary B. Barnes and Diane M. Barnes to Michael Sanuita and Patricia Sanuita, 321 Beaver Lake Road and Beaver Road, $340,000.

Joseph Routhier to Joseph Routhier and Monika U. Routhier, 716 Belchertown Road, $100.

Roger W. Barnes to Molly Anne Pulchtopek, 244 Old Belchertown Road, $32,000.

Gerard D. Demers and Lynn A. Demers to Erin E. Letourneau, 31 Homecrest Ave., $165,000.

West Springfield

Diane Fortin, representative, and Richard A. Fortin Sr., estate, to Carlene Lemke and Christina M. Lemke, 95 Park Ave., #20, $107,500.

Jonathan S. McFadden and Jill L. McFadden to Mumtaz B. Shah, Younas N. Shah and Sana Y. Bowen, 29 Field St., $230,000.

Jullisses A. Perales and Natasha Emya to Sue-Ann Hilton and Stanley J. Hilton, 39 Sunnyside St., $320,000.

Kenneth B. Kimball and Theresa A. Selvolski to G & C Real Estate Investments LLC, 30 Hanover St., $270,000.

Mario Bernal to Scott Rehbein, 32 Colony Road, Unit 1A-32, $70,500.

Melissa L. Soto, Wayne A. Dorman, Melissa L. Gogel and David C. Gogel to Ruslan Voznyuk, 43 Colony Road, Unit 1A, $75,000.

William Lyons and Cassandra Lyons to Brian W. Farnsworth and Renee L. Farnsworth, 79 Bear Hole Road, $375,000.


110 Lockhouse LLC, to Bryan A. Cross and Alexandra Cross, 110 Lockhouse Road, Unit 4G, $289,900.

Anita L. Huckins to Priscilla Ann Lysak, 9 Parker Ave., $180,000.

Bryan A. Cross, Alexandra J. Cross and Alexandra J. Irish to Michael Hooker, trustee, and Matthew Arico (d)(4)(a) Trust, trustee of, 10 Greenwood St., Unit G, $113,000.

Gloria J. Hunter to Kenneth J. Bassett and Morgan Bassett, 1082 Shaker Road, $200,000.

Ian P. Noonan to Ian P. Noonan and Erika M. Noonan, 51 Pineridge Drive, $100.

Ian P. Noonan, Erika M. Noonan and Erika M. Kabilian to Ian P. Noonan, 51 Pineridge Drive, $100.

Kelly S. Sullivan, Melissa A. Stairs and Angela M. Lamothe to Tarkan Topcuoglu and Hilal Topcuoglu, 549 Russell Road, Unit 10B, $92,000.

Michael F. Crow to Peter A. Rocca and Joanne F. Rocca, 11 Knollwood Drive, $263,000.

Patrick G. Smith to Nicole Lindsay Anderson, 20 Jefferson St., $300,000.

Shana Dubay to Joan Ascolese, 375 Steiger Drive, $349,900.

Venerie A. Walker, trustee, and Sherrie Affenito Kollar to Manchester Enterprises LLC, 20 Clinton Ave., $80,000.

Vladimir Andrusiv to Karen Kleszczynski, 124 New Broadway, $220,000.

William W. Boisseau Jr., and Gary W. Boisseau to Peter Sychev and Max Sychev, North Road, $300,000.


Jose A. Andre, Joaquina S. Andre, Domingos Seguro and Maria C. Seguro to Landmark Partners Inc., 2773-2775 Boston Road, $275,000.

LorriJane Massa and John A. Massa to Timothy Marini, 791 Ridge Road, $832,000.


Norman S. Stafford and Natalie P. Stafford to Leigh Pamela Tutka and Yuri Jay Tutka, 32 Old Post Road, $440,000.

Christopher E. Byrnes, personal representative, and Michael Patrick Byrnes, estate, to Mercedes Zavala, 16 North Road, $180,000.