Locally owned home improvement store marking 75th anniversary

Locally owned home improvement store marking 75th anniversary
  • Fisher Decorating Center is celebrating 75 years in business. It started in 1946 under Ivan Fisher.
  • Bill Potter bought the business in 2015 from Roger Eastman, who took over from Don Lessig, who bought it from Fisher.
  • Potter said business has been booming during the pandemic and he’s happy to see Main Street on the upswing.
  • Fisher’s sells paint, wallpaper, carpeting, floor coverings and home improvement supplies.

COSHOCTON – Bill Potter, owner of Fisher Decorating Center, said people never remember when home décor projects go perfectly. It’s only the problematic ones they still talk about years later. Good or bad, his business has been there for the community for 75 years. 

Potter started working for the store in 1984 while still in high school. He returned permanently in 1992 and bought it from Roger Eastman in 2015. Eastman started with the business in 1973 when his father-in-law, Don Lessig, was the owner. Eastman bought it from Lessig in 1987. Lessig bought what was then Fisher Wallpaper and Paint from original owner Ivan Fisher in 1958. He opened the store just after World War II ended in 1946 when paint was just $1 a gallon and wallpaper was 50 cents a roll.