Laurie Garretson: Garden chores in preparation for spring | Home And Garden

Spring will officially be here before we know it, and there are a lot of garden chores to be done before it arrives. Now’s a good time to add compost and some organic fertilizer into your flower beds and vegetable gardens. There is still time to spread that thin layer of compost on your lawn while temperatures are still low. It’s truly amazing what a difference this can make in your yard.

It’s also a good time to add some mycorrhizal fungi to all your landscape. According to Mother Earth News, “Mycorrhizal fungi help plants and roots absorb nutrients and fight off harmful, soil-dwelling predators. In exchange, the fungus receives sugars and nutrients from its host plant.”

If spring weeds tend to be a problem in your lawn, now is a good time to put out corn gluten meal. Corn gluten prevents seeds from germinating while providing nitrogen to the soil, which in turn feeds your plants and lawns.

Freezing temperatures are expected for the next few days. Well-hydrated plants are more likely to handle cold weather so water well before the cold temperatures arrive.

N-Sulate covers can help protect tender plants and seedlings from this cold weather that’s expected, while still allowing sun rays and water to penetrate the fabric.

Mid-February can be a good time to prune your roses if they are in need of some reshaping. After trimming, add some compost and organic fertilizer to the soil for healthier blooming plants.

Now is also a good time to clean up fallen leaves and dead stems from the ground, which will then help eliminate breeding grounds for different pest insects. All that you rake up can then be added to your compost pile.

Until next time, let’s all try to garden with nature, not against, it and maybe all our weeds will become wildflowers.

Laurie Garretson is a Victoria gardener and nursery owner. Send your gardening questions to [email protected] or in care of the Advocate, P.O. Box 1518, Victoria, TX 77902.